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Home Analysis RRB JE 2019 Exam: Questions Asked : 29th May 2019

RRB JE 2019 Exam: Questions Asked : 29th May 2019


Questions asked in RRB JE Exam: 29th May

RRB JE 2019 Exam dated 22 May to 2 June 2019 has commenced from today As per the exam process, various shifts are allocated for the conduct of the exam. To meet the requirements of the candidates who have to appear for RRB JE 2019 Exam on dates other than today, SSCADDA is providing questions asked in today’s exam in the allotted shifts.

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With efforts made by SSCADDA & team, maximum number of questions from all the sections of RRB JE 2019 Exam are being provided to you to make headway in your practice for the exam. Questions shared on this post are solely based on the genuine candidates’ real exam experience. Questions’ authenticity is doubt free. Go through them and be prepared for your RRB JE 2019 Exam in advance.

GA (General Awareness) Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 29th May

  • Right to freedom is mentioned in which article?
  • Minimum age of president?
  • Which app was launched recently that got popular?
  • Question-based on ICC World Championship?
  • Weight of moon with respect to earth?
  • Question-based on Five yearly planned Agriculture Scheme?
  • Winner of Padma Vibhushan 2019?
  • Asian cricket cup 2018 was held in which country?
  • Which rivers originate from the Aravali Range?
  • Akbar took the title of Ghazi after fighting which battle?
  • “Dandiya” is played on which festival?
  • Who got Padma Shri award 2019?
  • The longest-serving Prime Minister of India?
  • Which country won maximum Hockey world cup finals?
  • Khanwa Yudh was held in which year?
  • Cricket is introduced in ASEAN Games in which year?
  • What is the theme for the 2018 International Women’s Day?
  • Which of the following is also known as Salim?
  • Parupalli Kashyap is related to which sports?
  • Question-based on demand and supply?

General Science Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 29th May

  • Plaster of Paris formula?
  • Question-based on NaCl And water solution?
  • Symbol of sulfur?
  • the covalent bond is associated with which of the following?
  • Which pollutant is present in Jet fuel?
  • The number of chromosomes in the body?
  • Question-based on Transverse wave?
  • The bird which has the smallest egg?
  • In our body which of the following is found in the maximum percentage?
  • the white fluid emerging from the wound is called?
  • Where is radial used?
  • The spinal cord is also called as?
  • Question-based on friction?
  • Question-Based on surface tension?
  • Why needle float in water?
  • Question-based on isotopes?
  • Question-based on Molecular weight?
  • Question based on intramolecular forces?
  • How many electrons are there in the 2nd group?
  • How to measure the voltage?
  • The intensity of light is maximum for which part of the eye?
  • Question-based on chemical reaction?
  • One question on the blind spot?
  • Current & time are given, then find charge?
  • The smallest metal in size?
  • The largest image formed in which part of the eye?
  • The largest bone in the human body?
  • One question on the speed of sound.
  • Question-based on Water surface flow?
  • Question-based on Electronegative
  • Question-based on zinc deposition
  • Connective tissue which attaches bone to bone
  • Na2Co3 + HCL —-> ?
  • Hydrochloric Acid + Iron ——->?
  • Deficiency of Iodim causes which diseases?
  • Brown Rice used to fulfill the quantity of which vitamin?
  • Question-based on KMnO4?
  • Article related to Minority community?
  • When we move from left to right in the periodic table which of the following decreases?
  • Question-based on RBC?

Mathematics Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 29th May

  • sin2A* 2cos2A, A=?
  • (101)^5 -1 is Divisible by?
  • 2^9y =64 , y = ?
  • Pipe A can fill a tank in 20 minutes & Pipe B in 60 minutes if both pipes are opened at the same time and because of a leakage, it takes 40 minutes to fill the tank. how much time will the leakage take to empty a completely filled tank?
  • LCM & HCF= 441 & 7, difference is 14. Find the numbers?
  • Which of the following is the Smallest Alkali metal?
  • 5 x/ (1+1(1+x)/(1-x))) =1
  • If Boy’s Age is x, and brother age is (x+3) and sister 6 years older then brother age. then their average is 14. Find sister age?

Reasoning Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 29th May

  • 7 , 41 ,28 , 56 , ?
  • 23,24,52,18, ?
  • Which of the following is odd month April, December, July?

Stay in tune with SSCADDA, we will keep on updating more questions from other shifts of RRB JE Exam 2019.

RRB JE Exam Analysis 2019 Stage I: All Days (All Slots)


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