RRB JE 2019 Exam: Questions Asked in Today’s Exam


Questions asked in RRB JE Exam: 24th May

RRB JE 2019 Exam dated 22 May to 2 June 2019 has commenced from today As per the exam process, various shifts are allocated for the conduct of the exam. To meet the requirements of the candidates who have to appear for RRB JE 2019 Exam on dates other than today, SSCADDA is providing questions asked in today’s exam in the allotted shifts.

With efforts made by SSCADDA & team, maximum number of questions from all the sections of RRB JE 2019 Exam are being provided to you to make headway in your practice for the exam. Questions shared on this post are solely based on the genuine candidates’ real exam experience. Questions’ authenticity is doubt free. Go through them and be prepared for your RRB JE 2019 Exam in advance.

GA (General Awareness) Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 24th May

  • Do or die related to which movement?
  • One question on Pink city
  • Mrinal sen who died recently related to?
  • Special Olympic was held in?
  • Who was the 2nd President of India?
  • SPICE moment initiated by which state
  • One question on INS Vikramaditya.
  • RAVANA-1 satellite launch by which country?
  • Fed cup is related to which sport?
  • Extreme Eastern state of India?
  • Which medal Russia gave to PM Modi?
  • Which of the following in not from slave dynasty?
  • Virat and chanu for khel ratna.
  • NBA Sports stadium opened in which city?
  • One question related to BIENNE.
  • Name the Indian Cricketer who completed his first test century.
  • One related to CM.
  • Which type satellite is Rustam-2?
  • Union Territory comes in which part of our constitution.

General Science Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 24th May

  • Symbols of element defined in chemistry by – Ans [IUPAC]
  • Atomic number of elements define which of the following? [Options-Halogen, inert gases]
  • One question related to stomata. [Ans- Chlorophyll]
  • One question on vitamin Deficiency.
  • Ozone depletion causes due to which gas?
  • What is the SI unit of power?
  • What is the SI unit of Weight?
  • There were no numericals in physics.
  • One question on Snail’s Law [Definition was given, name of law was asked]
  • First Common Wealth Game was held in which year?
  • Legs swell disease
  • Name of C3H8?
  • Which of the following is not true for modern periodic table?
  • One question on whooping cough.
  • Which disease occurred due to Deficiency of Vitamin C.
  • Basic substance changes naphthalene solution colour to which colour.
  • Focal length & Object distance of convex was given. Then find the image distance?
  • Basic substance in phenolphthalein solution
  • Ionisation potential maximum for?
  • What was the shape of orbit in rutherford model?
  • One question related to Cloroflorocarbon.
  • Smog is caused by(peroxynitrate)
  • Plant make food with the help of -chlorophyll
  • Why Red light used in signal?
  • Which of the following is not a base – [Options-KOH, NaOH]
  • Chemical name of bleaching power?
  • Which part of ear sense vibration?
  • One question on Iodine.
  • Archimedes next experiment after Archimedes principle?
  • When sound travel from rarer to denser.
  • One question on oscillation.
  • Study of animals is known as?

Maths Questions asked in RRB JE: 24th May 

  • If 7+√2=x then find x+1/x=?
  • 5 times of a number is 3 less than the twice of its square. Find the original no.?
  • Total value of 25000 after 2 years at the rate of 9.25%. then find the value of SI?
  • Average age of father is 24 years more than son. 2 years before father age is twice sons present age.
  • (Cot 90-x. Sin 180-x. Sec 360-x) /tan 180+x. Sec-x. Cos 90+x
  • One question on 2 circular path.
  • sin(A+B)*sin(A-B)=?
  • If TanA=1/2, TanB=1/3, then find the value of A/B=?
  • 2 questions on ratio of age.

Reasoning Questions asked in RRB JE : 24th May

  • One Puzzle.
  • Count no. of rectangle in the figure.
  • Series- HZ, AA, NF, DK, HZ
  • Find the missing number- 4, 196, 36, 144, 64, ??
  • Find the missing number- 2, 4, 11, 37, 153, ??
  • Puzzle 1- Circular (8 members)
  • Puzzle 2 – Circular

Stay in tune with SSCADDA, we will keep on updating more questions from other shifts of RRB JE Exam 2019.

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