RRB JE 2019 Exam: Questions Asked in Today’s Exam


Questions asked in RRB JE Exam: 23rd May

RRB JE 2019 Exam dated 22 May to 2 June 2019 has commenced from today As per the exam process, various shifts are allocated for the conduct of the exam. To meet the requirements of the candidates who have to appear for RRB JE 2019 Exam on dates other than today, SSCADDA is providing questions asked in today’s exam in the allotted shifts.

With efforts made by SSCADDA & team, maximum number of questions from all the sections of RRB JE 2019 Exam are being provided to you to make headway in your practice for the exam. Questions shared on this post are solely based on the genuine candidates’ real exam experience. Questions’ authenticity is doubt free. Go through them and be prepared for your RRB JE 2019 Exam in advance.

GA (General Awareness) Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 23rd May

  • Who got Bharat Ratan Award posthumously?
  • BHU in which state?
  • Battle of Khanva held in?
  • 4 Rivers situated near which waterfall?
  • Bharatnatyam originate from which state?
  • WHO recently initiated which programme?
  • One question related to equity law?
  • Youngest player to play in T-20 match?
  • Panchayati Raj system is not regulated in which of the following?
  • One question on MP’s Yuva Swabhimaan Scheme.
  • One question on Tamilnadu Folk Dance.
  • Which act introduced the post of Governor General?
  • Mahesh Bhupati related to which sport?
  • One question related to Ishan Kishan?
  • 1st Women president of UNO General Assembly?
  • Where is Ajanta Caves?
  • Maximum runs in ODI scored by?
  • Who is Kerala Governor?
  • How many medals were won by India in Airgun Championship 2019?
  • Constitution adopted in acted on?
  • sugercane contains which of the follwoing?
  • Kanisha belong to which dynasty?
  • first Tico Satelite launch by India?
  • First Forign Coach of Indian Cricket Team?
  • Wildlife santuary is used to preserve lion?
  • Rajghat Dam situated on whihc river?
  • What is the mimimun voting age of men in India?
  • _______ denotes a phase in which loans are available at lower intreset rate.

General Science Questions asked in RRB JE 2019: 23rd May

  • Which Chromosome is responsible for babe boy?
  • Which disease is caused by mosquito bite?
  • Relation between frequency, speed and wavelength.
  • 2 questions from resistance.
  • Which of the following is the by-product of soap?
  • Which disease is caused by deficiency of vitamin K?
  • Which colour will be released when sodium borox is reacted with litmus?
  • Hardest part in human body?
  • Which of the following disease is caused by virus?
  • Value of R1, R2… is given. Find equivalent resistance?
  • “Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.”
  • Pneumonia affects which part of human body?
  • Most electronegative element
  • Which gas is produced when acid reacts with metal
  • Highest amount of citric acid present in
  • What is the Valency of N in NH3?
  • Time & Current values are given, then find the value if charge?
  • One question from Oxidation & Reduction.
  • One question related to light passing through prism
  • One question related to friction
  • One question related to Electric current
  • One question related to sound
  • Largest gland in the human body?
  • What are rows and columns in a periodic table called?
  • Cause of Amoebiasis?
  • The process by which gases travel from higher to lower concentration is called?
  • The statement: “Mass can neither be created nor destroyed” is based on which law of chemistry?
  • Rate at which electric work is done is called
  • What causes berry berry.
  • Soap molecule has which of the follwoing?
  • Sports in which playing with left hand is not allowed
  • Which of the following is not a seed born disese?
  • Gland active till puberative?
  • No. of green house gases?
  • Why ores are roasted?
  • Which gas evolves when ethaonol react with sodium?
  • Disease by Dog Bite
  • Neutrons are present in nucleus of all atom except? options- nytrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydroger
  • Molecule of oxygen contains how many atom?

Maths Questions asked in RRB JE: 23rd May 

  • One question from Time,speed & Distance based on Train Problems
  • One question based on police & thief from Time,speed & Distance.
  • Difference of SI & CI is 2 years, then find rate of interest?
  • One question from Geometric progression(GP)
  • One solid cylinder is converted into cone then find the percentage of product/material loss?
  • The Values of SI, rate & time are given, then find the difference between SI & CI?
  • 4 men | 60 days | 24 hours , 6 men | 16 hours | days??
  • Radius of a circle is given, then find the area of square inscribed in it.
  • 1.75, 1.21, 1.25. Find LCM & HCF.
  • Which of the following has maximum factors?
  • SP is given, loss= 20% then find the value of CP?
  • Ratio between radius and height is given. Find the ratio of volumes of cone and cylinder
  • Mensuration questions based on CUBE only.
  • One question from Boat & stream
  • If ratio of Seema n geeta age is 2:3, and sum of their presnt age is 12, what is their prsnt age?

Reasoning Questions asked in RRB JE : 23rd May

  • Circle seating arrangement- 8 members facing centre, then who is 3rd to the left of who?
  • Find no. of square in figure?

Stay in tune with SSCADDA, we will keep on updating more questions from other shifts of RRB JE Exam 2019.

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