RRB JE Exam Analysis & Review 2019: 27th May 1st Shift

Dear Aspirants,

RRB JE Exam Analysis & Review 2019: 27 May 1st Shift

RRB JE Exam has commenced from 22nd May. Many aspirants have appeared for the RRB JE and now is the time to analyze your attempts and questions. This post will provide you detailed subject wise analysis of the exam which will help the aspirants to get an idea of the questions and topics asked in RRB JE. RRB JE Exam was easy to moderate level.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Date

The 1st Stage CBT is scheduled from 22nd May 2019. And RRB has released the exam city for candidates who have their exam from 22nd to 2nd June 2019. Admit Card has been released for candidates who have their exam from 22nd to 31st May 2019.

RRB JE 2019 Selection Procedure

The recruitment process will involve the following stages of examination:

  • 1st Stage Computer Based Test (CBT)
  • 2nd Stage Computer Based Test (CBT)
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Examination.

RRB JE Stage-1 Exam Pattern

Subjects No. Of Questions Marks Duration
1 Mathematics 30 30 90 min
2 General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 25
3 General Awareness 15 15
4 General Science 30 30
100 100
  • Negative marking of 1/3 is there.
  • Normalization of marks will be done

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RRB JE Exam Analysis : Mathematics for RRB JE Stage-1

Mathematics of RRB JE consists of both arithmetic and advance maths. The questions asked as seen in the RRB JE Exam analysis, are distributed equally among different topics.

RRB JE Maths Questions In Shift-1

  • At what rate a sum will get doubled in 2 years?
  • Daughters age is 1/4 th father’s age. After five years her agge will be 1/3 rd to her father age. Find the ratio of her age to her father after further 5 years.
  • Ratio of volume of cone, hemisphere and cylinder when radius and height is equal..1:2:3
  • What percent material wasted when a cylinder with given height and radius is transformed in a cone of different radius and height
  • If sinx + sin^2 x =1 then find cos^2 x + cos^4 x
  • Find 4+44+444+4444+4444
  • Convert 0.23(bar38) in fraction
  • Convert (a fraction) in lowest form…Answer was 16/25
  • 2 simplification…Bodmas

The distribution of questions can be seen from the below table.

Topic No of Questions Level
SI/ CI 2 Easy-Moderate
Mensuration 2 Easy-Moderate
Ratio & Proportion(Ages) 2 Easy
Trigonometry 3 Easy-Moderate
Profit/Loss 3 Easy-Moderate
Geometry 2 Easy-Moderate
Number System (HCF/LCM) 2 Easy
Simplification 3 Easy
Time and Work 3 Easy-Moderate
Average 0 Easy
Time, Speed and Distance(Train) 2 Easy-Moderate
Misc. 6-7 Easy-Moderate
Height & Distance
Total 30 Easy-Moderate

RRB JE Exam Analysis : General Intelligence & Reasoning for RRB JE Stage-1

General Intelligence & Reasoning is taken lightly by many aspirants which should not be the case. This section is scoring, all you just need is accuracy and speed to attempt.

RRB JE Reasoning Questions in Shift-1

  • will be updating more questions

Take a look at the topic wise distribution of questions in RRB JE exam analysis:

Topic No of Questions Level
Coding-Decoding 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Alphabetical series 2 Moderate
Venn Diagram 2-3 Easy
Statement & Conclusion 2 Moderate
Syllogism 2 Easy
Series 4-5 Easy-Moderate
Puzzle 1 Easy
Direction 2 Easy
Analogy 2-3 Moderate
Mathematical Operations 1-2 Easy
Odd one out 2 Easy
Total 25 Easy-Moderate
RRB JE Exam Analysis : General Awareness for RRB JE Stage-1

General Awareness contributes a total of 15 questions in RRB JE exam. The overall level can be said to be easy.

RRB JE GA Questions In Shift-1

  • Motive of Girl Child Act 2019
  • One question related to Dam.
  • One question related to Ravana Satellite.
  • Questions asked from sportsperson and related field.
  • Name of Air to surface missile launched by india?
  • Siralankan sattellitle Raavana -1 was launched in which month?

Here is the topic wise distribution:

Topic No of Questions Level
History 1 Easy
Geography 2 Easy
Polity 2 Easy-Moderate
Static 2-3 Easy
Economics 1
Current Affairs [Mostly From 2018] 4-5 Easy
Total 15 Easy

RRB JE Exam Analysis : General Science for RRB JE Stage-1

RRB JE exam consists of a total of 30 General Science questions that can be said as a major portion for exam.

Biology- 4-5 questions

Chemistry- 11-12 questions

Physics- 9-10 questions

RRB JE Science Questions in Shift-1

  • Which mineral cause blood clotting?
  • Oxides of non metals are??-acid, basic, amphoteric
  • Binzin fibre (name not remembered properly) is ….A neuron in brain, a fibre in heart, a cell in ..
  • Strongest bone–thigh bone, shin bone, spinal cord,
  • Which is infectious–viral, protozoal, etc
  • Water borne diseases…Cholera, maleriya, 2 more
  • Sponge in biology is…Plant, fungus,
  • One question on Litmus paper
  • What is the SI unit of current?
  • One question on POP (Plaster of Paris).
  • If we go downward in group in periodic table, Alkanity of an element decrease or increase.
  • If Voltage & Charge are given, then find the value of power?
  • Effect on Current when resistance increases.
  • One question related to voltage.
  • Refractive Index formula
  • Mirror image and focul length given. Find Refractive Index.
  • Modern periodic table was given by?
  • Electron affinity in a Group?
  • Which fuel is helpful in AC Train
  • Potassium helps in which of the following?
  • Who proposed ‘Origin of Species’?
  • On going down the Periodic Table, Electonegativity increases or decreases
  • Oxides are acidic or basic?
  • Which gas is formed during the reaction of Acid rain + Suphur+ CO

We Hope you have got an idea about the number of questions asked with the given RRB JE exam analysis and we wish you all the best for RRB JE 2019.

RRB JE Exam Analysis 2019 Stage I: (All Slots)

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