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RRB JE CBT II Exam: Questions Asked In All Shifts

RRB JE CBT II Exam: Questions Asked

Dear Aspirants,

RRB JE CBT II has already been conducted on 28th, 29th & 30th August. The exam will continue till 1st September 2019 and we have already provided a detailed exam analysis of both days for our candidates. Now, we are compiling all the questions asked in RRB JE CBT II in this post. The questions are based on the responses received from students. We hope that it will help you get an idea of the exam to be held in the upcoming shifts.

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: General Awareness (15 marks)

  • Which tournament won by Vishwanathan Anand in 2017? Riyadh
  • Who is the 13th chairman of Finance Commission?
  • Chapchar Kut Festival of which state? [Mizoram]
  • Who presented the first union budget of India?
  • Double fault related to which game?
  • The first Union budget presented by?
  • Chairman of national backward class
  • When India was declared as the republic?
  • Who is the 2019 Football coach of India?
  • Pattachitra art belongs to which state?
  • 1 question related to a wildlife sanctuary
  • PSLV C-45 launched location?
  • 1983 world cup losing final captain’s name
  • What is the tenure of APJ Abdula Kalam as India’s President?
  • When India won its First World Cup, at that time who was captain of West Indies Team?
  • Kanha national park situated in which state?
  • Which of the following cup is associated with hockey?
  • How many islands consist of Andaman & Nicobar island?
  • The war fought after independence.
  • 5f Stands for? related to Japan
  • Messi is related to which field?
  • 2022 asian games will held in
  • 2018 women football in india held in?
  • Which Indian UT has more than 300 islands and 1 detention cell?
  • One question on “chile agreement”
  • When French Company came to India?
  • WWF India was established in which year?
  • One question on Summit which was held in 2002.
  • Lady Ratan Tata Trophy is related to which sport?
  • What is the name of India’s First 3D Robot?

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: Physics & Chemistry (15 marks)

  • Question related to ozone depletion
  • What is Pascal’s law?
  • One question based on the Moment of inertia.
  • Configuration- 2,8,7 was given. Find out the element.
  • One mechanical process was given. Find out which of these will be Exothermic reaction.
  • Mass & Acceleration was given. Find Force.
  • Which of the following formulae depicts the second law of Newton.
  • Carbon & Nitrogen are used for which treatment.
  • In a lens, the image distance denoted by which symbol?
  • Parkerizing comes under which process?
  • (CONO3)2, Find its chemical name?
  • If R = 4 ohm, cross-section area is 1mm^2, and length = 20m. Then find its conductivity?
  • Speed of DC Motor is given by?
  • One numerical on Frequency.
  • If the mass of a body is m kg and g is gravitational acceleration. then the weight of a body is given by?
  • Energy & time was given, the find the value of power?

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RRB JE CBT  II Questions Asked: Basics of Computers and Applications (10 marks)

  • What is the Full form of BCD in the computer?
  • Question were asked from HTML
  • Binary formation of a number
  • Function of the operating system
  • Convert 35 into a binary number.
  • One question related to binary digits.
  • What is the short cut key for “Insert HyperLink” in MS Word?
  • Convert 72 into binary code.
  • If a base value of a number is 8, then the number system is

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: Basics of Environment and Pollution Control (10 marks)

  • The date of the Chernobyl disaster was asked? 1986
  • Question-related to the sewage treatment plant
  • Question related to greenhouse gases, acid rain, CFC responsible for, environment act etc
  • Waste Management
  • Global warming
  • Acid rain
  • Ozone depletion.
  • Air, water and Noise pollution etc
  • When did environmental act enact?
  • The ozone layer is found in which atmospheric layer.
  • What is causing an increase in global temperature?
  • In which of the following there is 3 depletion layer?
  • Which of the following defines pollution pyramid?

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: Electrical (100 marks)

  1. Where is armouring cable used?
  2. Why we connect cells in parallel?
  3. In an Norton circuit Load current is given by?
  4. Which of the following theorem used in linear & non-linear circuit?
  5. Tellegan theorem is used in _________.
  6. Megger is combination of __________. [Options- Generator, Motor, both Generator &
  7. Motor, Generator & ohm meter]
  8. Low resistance is measured by?
  9. In which of the following uses 1 diode & 2 transistor?
  10. The process in which impurities are mixed with pure semi-conductor. [Drift, Diffusing, __ , ____ ]
  11. In NPN, P denotes?
  12. Power Factor of each phase in the unbalanced system? [Same, Different, Can’t say, Zero]
  13. Buccloz Relay is related to ______
  14. One question related to the universal motor.
  15. Loses in Moving iron coil?
  16. One numerical on Schering bridge.
  17. Speed of DC Machine is directly proportional to which of the following?
  18. One question on Hopkinson’s Test.
  19. What is the thermal value of Nichrome?
  20. No. of poles in Turboalternator?
  21. Measuring instrument for Speed of DC Motor?
  22. Power Factor of synchronous Generator depends upon.
  23. What is the PIV rating of 1N4007 diode?
  24. What is the KNWEE Voltage of Germanium?
  25. Zener diode connects in a circuit in _________.
  26. Distribution Lines uses which types of poles?
  27. Fuse operates due to _______ effect of electric current.
  28. In domestic wiring, Black & Green represents?
  29. Reverse relay is used for the protection of _________.
  30. 3 capacitors of 10 microfarad connected in a series. Then find its equivalent capacitance?
  31. EMF Of Transformer is given by?
  32. Induction motor was on the principle of?
  33. RMS value of cosine current.
  34. Ratio of true power to apparent power is _________.
  35. When a current carry conductor is placed in magnetic flux, its started moving. Who gave this statement?
  36. One question on T Point wiring.
  37. One question junction point wiring.
  38. Circuit breaker operates when _________.

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: Civil (100 marks)

  1. Question was related to the Montreal protocol.
  2. What is the Full form of DPC?
  3. Question was asked on Mortgage.
  4. Most of the question were theoretical
  5. 4-5 questions were asked from estimation and valuation
  6. One question from load carrying capacity?
  7. One question from granule theory?

RRB JE CBT II Questions Asked: Mechanical (100 marks)

  1. Production- 12000 unit per year manufacture, then 100 rs order charge, 0.80 paisa for hold on item. then find the size the economic batch?
  2. Back angle made on which plane?
  3. For nitriding, how long you need to preheat?
  4. DSP full form
  5. One question based on i^2rd heat-generating formula.
  6. Cyaniding based 1 question
  7. Weld decay based 1 question
  8. Streamlined based 1 question
  9. Equal force is applied on a beam from 2 ends what will be the nature of stress and strain
  10. Allowable quantity fluorine in water.
  11. R11 refrigerant name
  12. What is the Ecological footprint unit?
  13. One question from Council of scientific and research.
  14. 1 Poisequille equals: (1 poise, 10 poise 100poise, 1000)
  15. 1 ques from the pitot tube
  16. 3-4 numerical on production mechanical
  17. 2 questions from Industrial Mechanical Engineering
  18. 2 numerical related to the strength of the material (stiffness).
  19. The reverse of ELectroplating?
  20. Bulk Modulus is used to determine which of the following?
  21. Bernoulli equation shows?
  22. Cons. Of energy, mass, force
  23. Maximum temp in oxyacetylene welding
  24. Example of is played system
  25. At cont press process, the volume is double …initial temp given. Find final temp
  26. Dimensional unit of stefen Boltzmann cont
  27. The valance of Al in Al2O3
  28. Silicon carbide is used for grinding what kind of material
  29. 30-70 size shows…Coarse, fine, very fine, medium
  30. Broaching mc have finishing tool, unfinishing tool,..
  31. 2 ques from vernier calliper, screw gauge

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