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RRB JE CBT 2 Exam Analysis 2019: 29th August | Exam Review & Questions Asked

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis 2019: 29th August Shift 1

Dear Aspirants,

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis: RRB JE CBT II exam 2019 has finally commenced from 28th August and its time to gain a reputed job in the railways and work as a Junior Engineer. A proper analysis of the exam can play a vital role in appearing for the upcoming shifts. Here we are with the complete RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis where we will be providing the topic wise questions asked, the review of candidates and what can you expect in the upcoming shifts. The complete section-wise review of the exam is given in this post. Scroll down and read more.

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis 2019: Subjects & Level of exam

The difficulty level of the exam was of moderate level as per the students. The paper was more theoretical and some questions were time-consuming. The RRB JE Stage II Exam consists of 5 sections where the highest scoring one is the technical abilities subject contributing a total of 100 marks. Let’s take a look at the complete exam pattern :

No. Of Questions
General Awareness
120 min
Physics & Chemistry
Basics of Computers and Applications
Basics of Environment and Pollution Control
Technical Abilities

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis: General Awareness (15 marks)

The General Awareness section includes questions from current affairs, and static gk mainly. Some questions from history, polity were also seen. Here are some of the questions asked from this section:

  • Who is the 2019 Football coach of India?
  • Pattachitra art belongs to which state?
  • 1 question related to a wildlife sanctuary
  • PSLV C-45 launched location?
  • 1983 world cup losing final captain’s name
  • What is the tenure of APJ Abdula Kalam as India’s President?
  • When India won its First World Cup, at that time who was captain of West Indies Team?
  • Kanha national park situated in which state?

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis: Physics & Chemistry (15 marks)

The Physics & Chemistry questions asked in the exam were of 10th Standard. Basic questions of physics and chemistry were asked. Here are some questions from this section:

  • What is Pascal’s law?
  • One question based on the Moment of inertia.

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis 2019: 28th August Shift 1 Exam Review

RRB JE CBT  II Exam Analysis: Basics of Computers and Applications (10 marks)

The questions from computers belonged to the topics such as The architecture of Computers, Input and Output devices, Storage devices, Networking, Operating System like Windows Unix & Linux, MS Office Internet and Email, Websites & Web Browsers etc.

  • Convert 35 into a binary number.

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis: Basics of Environment and Pollution Control (10 marks)

This section consisted of the Basics of Environment; Adverse effect of environmental pollution and control strategies for various types of pollution, their effect and control. Questions were related to:

  • Waste Management
  • Global warming
  • Acid rain
  • Ozone depletion.
  • Air, water and Noise pollution etc

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis: Technical Abilities (100 marks)

The RRB JE CBT II exam is dominated by the technical abilities subject chosen by the candidate. This section was moderate in level. More theoretical questions were asked and numerical were less in number. The candidates whose concepts are clear can easily attempt the questions. Here we are providing the questions asked in the mechanical exam group as per the review by the students:

  • Production- 12000 unit per year manufacture, then 100 rs order charge, 0.80 paisa for hold on item. then find the size the economic batch?
  • Back angle made on which plane?
  • For nitriding, how long you need to preheat?
  • DSP full form
  • One question based on i^2rd heat-generating formula.
  • Cyaniding based 1 question
  • Weld decay based 1 question
  • Streamlined based 1 question
  • Equal force is applied on a beam from 2 ends what will be the nature of stress and strain
  • Allowable quantity fluourine in water.
  • R11 refrigerant name
  • What is the Ecological footprint unit?
  • One question from Council of scientic and research.

RRB JE CBT II Exam Analysis 2019: 28th August Shift 1 Exam Review

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