Reasoning Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 ,SSC CPO SSC CHSL

Directions : (1 – 5) : Answer the following questions with the help of given responses.

1.‘Air’ is to ‘Bird’ as ‘Water’ is to ………
(a) Drink
(b) Fish
(c) Wash
(d) Swim

2.‘Pencil’ is to ‘Write’ as ‘Knife’ is to ………
(a) Injure
(b) Peel
(c) Prick
(d) Attack

3.n _ tns _ _ s _ nstn _ tns
(a) tstsn
(b) stnts
(c) sntns
(d) tnstn

4.q _ s _ _ _ s _ qtsu
(a) quttu
(b) qtutu
(c) ututq
(d) tuqtu

5.CG, GH, LJ, RM, ?
(a) ZR
(b) YR
(c) ZQ
(d) YQ

(a) PKZ
(b) NJZ
(c) OJZ
(d) MKZ

7.Statements: “To make the company commercially viable, there is an urgent need to prune the staff strength and borrow money from the financial institutions.” – Opinion of a consultant.

Assumptions :

I.The financial institutions lend money for such proposals.
II.The product of the company has a potential market.
III. The employees of the company are inefficient.

(a) All are implicit
(b) Only I and II are implicit
(c) Only II and III are implicit
(d) Only I and III are implicit

8.Two statements are followed by alternatives. Mark the correct alternative that follows :
I.All Asians are wise
II.All Chinese are Asian

(a) Some Chinese are wise
(b) All wise are Chinese
(c) All Chinese are wise
(d) No conclusion follows

9.Four children, Akaram, Bopsi, Priya and Tulsi are one a ladder. Akram is further up the ladder than Bopsi. Bopsi is in between Akram and Priya. If Tulsi is still further than Akram, who is the second person from the bottom ?
(a) Tulsi
(b) Akram
(c) Priya
(d) Bopsi

10.From the given alternatives, select the set which is most like the given set.
Given set (23, 29, 37)
(a) (17, 21, 29)
(b) (31, 37, 49)
(c) (13, 15, 23)
(d) (41, 47, 53)

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