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RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions : 12th December

Direction (1-2): In each of the following questions below are given some statements followed by some conclusions. Taking the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts, read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows the given statements.

Q1. Statements:
I. All radios on that shop are of high quality.
II. In that shop some Murfi radio are sold.
I. All high level radios are made by Murfi company.
II. Some Murfi radios are of high quality.
III. None of Murfi radio are of high quality.
IV. Some high quality Murfi radios are sold in that shop.
(a)Only I and II conclusions follow.
(b) Only II and IV conclusions follow.
(c). Only I and III conclusions follow.
(d) Only I and IV conclusions follow.

Q2. Statements:
All beggars are poor
I. If A is beggar, then A is not rich.
II. If A is not rich, then A is not beggar.
III. All those who are poor are beggars.
IV. If A is rich, then A is beggar.
(a) Only I conclusion follows.
(b)Only II conclusion follows.
(c) Only III conclusion follows.
(d) Only IV conclusion follows.

Q3. Which of the following is related to FLOWER in the same way as RTERBN relates to SECTOR?

Directions (4-6): Read the following information and answer the questions given below.
(i) A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven members standing in a row (not necessarily in the same order) facing north.
(ii) C and B have as many members between them as G and C have between them.
(iii) D, who is 3rd from the extreme left, is 3rd to the left of E.
(iv) A and D are neighbours and F and C are neighbours.
(v) G is at extreme left end.

Q4. Which of the following statement is false?
(a) A is the 3rd to the left of F
(b) D is 3rd to the left of E
(c) F is 3rd to the right of A
(d) B is 3rd to the left of C
(e) None of these

Q5. Which of the following statements is true?
(a) C and E are neighbors
(b) E is to the immediate left of F
(c) C is to the immediate left of D
(d) A is to the immediate left of D
(e) None of these

Q6. Who is at the extreme right?
(a) Data inadequate
(b) G
(c) B
(d) E
(e) None of these

Q7. In a certain code language, “FRIED” is written as “EQHDC”. How is “RUSTY” written in that code language?

Q8. 38.In a certain code language, ‘-‘ represents ‘x’, ‘÷’ represents ‘+’, ‘+’ represents ‘÷’ and ‘x’ represents ‘-‘. Find out the answer to the following question.
19 ÷ 2 – 35 + 10 x 6 = ?
(a) 20
(b) 14
(c) 32
(d) 27

Q9. In a certain code,
‘ze lo ka gi’ is a code for ‘must save some money’,
fe ka so ni’ is a code for ‘he made good money’,
‘ni lo da so’ is a code for ‘he must be good’,
‘we so ze da’ is a code for ‘be good save grace’.
‘grace be money’, may be coded as ____
(a) ka da fe
(b) we ka so
(c)ja da we
(d) ka we da

Q10. Pointing to a woman, a girl says,”She is mother of the only child of my father-in-law.” How is the woman related to the girl?
(a) Mother-in-law
(b) Granddaughter
(c) Mother
(d) Cousin



S1. Ans. (b);
Sol. It is clear that shop sales high quality radios then some murfi radios are of high quality. Conclusion II is true also that some murfi radios are sold there.

S2. Ans. (a);
Sol. True that A is beggar so he is poor and if A is rich so he can not a beggar.

S3. Ans. (d):
Sol. The order of arrangement of letters is 6th letter, 4th letter, 2nd letter, 1st letter – 1, 3rd letter – 1, 5th letter – 1
So, for FLOWER it is RWLEND.

Sol. (4-6):
RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions : 12th December_50.1

S4.Ans. (d)
S5.Ans. .(d)
S6. Ans. (c)


S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. –1 series

S8. Ans.(a)
Sol. 19 ÷ 2 – 35 + 10 × 6
⇒ 19 + 2 × 35 ÷ 10 – 6
⇒ 19 + 2 × 3.5 – 6
⇒ 19 + 7 – 6
⇒ 26 – 6 =20

S9.Ans. (d)
Sol. ka we da

S10. Ans.(a)
RRB NTPC Reasoning Questions : 12th December_60.1
The woman is the mother-in-law of the girl

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