Rajasthan General Awareness Questions : 20th, January 2020 for soil and park

Q1.Rajasthan is the most extensive in the region’s soil

Q2.Soil erosion is the largest tributary

Q3. The Project Tiger was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund

Q4. Akal wood fossil park near Jaisalmer
(a)Jaisalmer – Barmer
(b)Udaipur – Sirohi
(c)Ganganagar – Bikaner
(d)Sirohi – Chittorgarh

Q5. Most of the forest areas of state forests which are found primarily in the
(a)Gum arabic tree

Q6.When rural youth for self-employment training program was started

Q7.Central Desert Area regeneration Institute, Jodhpur (Kajri) When initially established

Q8.Bisalpur Dam is built on which river

Q9. Museum of Minerals is called
(b)Madhya Pradesh

Q10.Most cattle fairs in the State government in which district conducts state –


S1. Ans.(d)

S2. Ans.(b)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(a)

S5. Ans.(c)

S6. Ans.(a)

S7. Ans.(b)

S8. Ans.(a)

S9. Ans.(d)



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