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Rajasthan GK Quiz 02 March 2020 for Headquarter of RIECOand ‘Bisalpur Dam’

Q1. Where the Saharia forested tribe lives?
(a) Jaipur
(b) Baran
(c) Chittorgarh
(d) Dausa

Q2. Who is the founder of Jasnathi Sect?
(a) Jambhiji
(b) Dadu Dayal ji
(c) Jasnathji
(d) Sant Pipaji

Q3. In which district ‘Bharthari Fair’ is celebrated?
(a) Karauli
(b) Baran
(c) Alwar
(d) Jhunjhunu

Q4. Where the Sahiba lift irrigation project is situated?
(a) Sri Ganganagar
(b) Hanumangarh and Churu
(c) Jodhpur
(d) Pali

Q5. ‘Bisalpur Dam’ has been constructed on
(a) Tonk district
(b) Ajmer district
(c) Nasirabad
(d) Beawar

Q6. At which season Barley is produced in the Rajasthan state?
(a) In kharif season
(b) In rabi season
(c) In both season
(d) In rainy season

Q7. What is the percentage of forests in Rajasthan?
(a) 9.9%
(b) 10.1 %
(c) 9.51%
(d) 11.1%

Q8. Which is the longest river, flowing only in Rajasthan?
(a) Mahi
(b) Banas
(c) Chambal
(d) Luni

Q9. Where the Headquarter of RIECO is?
(a) Bhiwari
(b) Ajmer
(c) Jaipur
(d) Jalore

Q10. Who made the digging of Kalibangan?
(a) B. B. Lal
(b) R. D. Banerjee
(c) X. Smith
(d) Sir John Marshall


S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. The Saharias are mainly found in the districts of Morena, Sheopur, and Guna districts of Madhya Pradesh and Baran district of Rajasthan.

S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. Jasnathji is the founder of Jasnathi Sect.

S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. Bhratahari is famous in Alwar of Rajasthan. Astami is the worship day celebrate as a festival. The fair of bhratahari grouped by lakhs of peoples of Alwar, Jaipur, Dausa near Sariska in Alwar.

S4. Ans.(b)
Sol. Sahiba lift irrigation project is situated in Hanumangarh and Churu.

S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. Bisalpur Dam is a gravity dam on the Banas River near Deoli in Tonk district, Rajasthan, India. The dam was completed in 1999 for the purpose of irrigation and water supply.

S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. Barley crop can be grown in Rabi season. The normal sowing season extends from middle of October to middle of November. At elevations of about 2300meters the barley can be grown as irrigated crop with sowing time from end of March to end of May.

S7. Ans.(c)
Sol. As per Forest Survey of India, State of Forest report 2017, Rajasthan has recorded forest area of about 32,737 square kms. This forest area forms 9.57% of state’s geographical area and about 4.28% of India’s forest area.

S8. Ans.(b)
Sol. River Banas originates in the Khamnor hills of the Aravali range (about 5 km from Kumbhalgarh) and flows along its entire length through Rajasthan. Banas is a major tributary of the River Chambal, the two rivers meeting near village Rameshwar in Khandar Block in Sawai Madhopur District.

S9. Ans.(c)
Sol. The Headquarter of RIECO is Jaipur.

S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. The digging of Kalibanga is made by B. B. Lal .

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