Questions on Polity for SSC CHSL EXAM 2016

Q1.Which of the following are/is stated in the Constitution of India ?
1. The President shall not be a member of either Houses of Parliament.
2. The Parliament shall consist of the President and two Houses.
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
(a) Neither 1 nor 2
(b) Both 1 and 2
(c) 1 alone
(d) 2 alone

Q2. Which one of the following is NOT a principle of “Panchsheel” ?
(a) Non-alignment
(b) Peaceful Co-existence
(c) Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
(d) Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs

Q3.The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in
(a) the United Kingdom
(b) Australia
(c) the United States
(d) Canada

Q4. Which one of the following schedules of the Constitution of India contains provisions regarding anti-defection Act ?
(a) Second Schedule
(b) Fifth Schedule
(c) Eighth Schedule
(d) Tenth Schedule

Q5. The Supreme Court of India tenders advice to the President on a matter of law or fact
(a) on its own initiative
(b) only if he seeks such advice
(c) only if the matter relates to the Fundamental Rights of citizens
(d) only if the issue poses a threat to the unity and integrity of the country

Q6 Which of the following will be the consequences of declaration of national emergency by the President?
1. The President can issue directives to the state executives.
2. The President can extend the normal tenure of the Lok Sabha.
3. The President can suspend all the Fundamental Rights of citizens.
4. The President can modify the distribution pattern of financial resources between Centre and states.
(a) 1, 3 and 4
(b) 1and 4
(c) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(d) 1, 2 and 3

Q7 The Consolidated Fund of India is a fund in which 
(a) all taxes collected by the Union as well as State governments are deposited
(b) all money received by or on behalf of the Government of India is deposited
(c) the Union, as well as the State Governments, make equal contribution to this fund and out of this, all charged expenses are met
(d) savings of the Union and State Governments are deposited to meet unforeseen expenses

Q8 A Governor can issue an ordinance 
(a) whenever he likes
(b) whenever the Chief Minister advises him
(c) whenever the State Legislature is not in session and the Governor is satisfied that immediate action is needed
(d) when the Union Government tells him to do so

Q9 Under which of the following circumstances can President’s rule be imposed in a State? 
(a) If no stable government can be formed
(b) If the Cabinet has lost majority and no other ministry. commanding a majority in the Assembly can be formed at once
(c) If the State Government does not obey the directives given by the Union Government
(d) In all the above cases

Q10 The Governor of a State enjoys: 
(a) no discretionary powers
(b) very extensive discretionary powers
(c) discretionary powers in certain circumstances
(d) none of the above

Q11  If the speaker of the Lok Sabha wants to resign, he is required to send his resignation letter to the ..
(a) Prime Minister
(b) Deputy Speaker
(c) President
(d) Parliament secretariat

Q12  The portfolios are allocated to the ministers by 
(a) The President
(b) The Prime Minister
(c) Collective decision of the Council of Ministers
(d) Individual choice

Q13 When the Chairman of Rajya Sabha acts as President, the duties of the Chairman are performed by 
(a) Himself
(b) A newly elected Chairman
(c) The Deputy Chairman
(d) A member of Rajya Sabha deputed by the Chairman

Q14 The President may send the advice received from the Council of Ministers on a matter back to them for reconsideration. This power can be exercised by him … on the same matter.
(a) Once
(b) Twice
(c) Thrice
(d) Any number of times

Q15  To whom does the President address his letter of resignation? 
(a) The Prime Minister
(b) The Vice President
(c) The Speaker
(d) The Chief Justice


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