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Questions on Polity for SSC CGL 2017

Questions on Polity for SSC CGL 2017_40.1

Q1.First chief justice of India
(a)Patanjali Sastri
(d)Chand Mahajan

Q2.Supreme Court judges retire upon attaining the age of..

Q3.Constitution of India was adopted by constituent assembly on ?
(a)25 October, 1948
(b)25 October, 1949
(c)26 November, 1948
(d)26 November, 1949

Q4.The vacancy in the office of the President must be filled up within :
(a) 90 days
(b) 6 months
(c) one year
(d) the period decided by the Parliament

Q5.Fundamental Duties were introduced in the Constitution by the
(a) 40th Amendment
(b) 42nd Amendment
(c) 43rd Amendment
(d) 44th Amendment

Q6.The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in
(a) the United Kingdom
(b) Australia
(c) the United States
(d) Canada

Q7.Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill or Not?
(a) President
(b) Chairmen of Rajya Sabha
(c) Speaker of Loksabha
(d) Minister of Parliamentary affairs

Q8.Who nominates 12 members in the Council of State—
(a) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(b) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(c) President of India
(d) Prime Minister of India – 

Q9.The phrase ‘bicameral legislature’ means: 
(a) a single assembly 
(b) an elected legislature 
(c) a legislature consisting of a lower and an upper chamber 
(d) Parliamentary system of Government 

Q10.Who was the first defence minister of India?
(a) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(b) John Mathai
(c) Baldev Singh
(d) K.M.Cariappa

Q11.How many states in India have two houses,namely,Legislative Assembly and Legislative council?

Q12.The head of the council of Ministers in a state is the..
(b)Chief Minister
(c)Chief Secretary
(d)None of these

Q13.Which of the following states has no legislative Council?
(a)Tamil Nadu
(b)Uttar Pradesh

Q14.The ordinances issued by the governor are subject to approval by the..
(b)State Legislature
(d)No one

Q15.A judge of the High court holds office till the age of..

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