Q1. Which of the following is known as the Father of Indian Botany?
(a) Birbal Shahni 
(b) K.C. Mehta
(c) William Roxburgh
(d) T. Sadashivam

Q2. Who is called the Father of Taxonomy?

(a) Aristotle 
(b) Carolus Linnaeus
(c) Theophrastus 
(d) Lamarck
Q3. The Indian Botanical Garden is located at :
(a) Lucknow 
(b) Kolkata
(c) Delhi 
(d) Allahabad
Q4. The study of Annual Rings is called
(a) Dendrology 
(b) Dendrochronology
(c) Morphology 
(d) Horticulture
Q5. The study of the internal structure of the plants is called
(a) Taxonomy 
(b) Agronomy
(c) Anatomy 
(d) Morphology
Q6. The branch of botany under which fungi is studied :
(a) Phycology 
(b) Mycology
(c) Ethology 
(d) Microbiology
Q7. The number of chambers found in mammals heart is :
(a) 2 
(b) 3
(c) 4 
(d) 5
Q8. The total number of bones found in newly born human body?
(a) 212 
(b) 206
(c) 202 
(d) 300
Q9. The bone of the which organ is the longest in the human body?
(a) Spinal cord 
(b) Thigh
(c) Rib cage 
(d) Ankle-bone
Q10. The hormone which stimulates the stomach for the production of digestive juice is
(a) Gastrin 
(b) Trysin
(c) Secretin 
(d) Pepsin
Q11. The site of RBC formation in human body is
(a) heart 
(b) spleen
(c) liver 
(d) bone marrow
Q12. pH of human blood is
(a) 7.4 
(b) 6.2
(c) 9.0 
(d) 7.5 – 8.0
Q13. The double helix model of Watson and Crick is known as
(a) C-DNA 
(b) B-DNA
(c) Z-DNA 
(d) D-DNA
Q14. The correct sequence of cell cycle is
(a) S, Gl, G2, M 
(b) S, M, Gl, G2
(c) Gl, S, G2, M 
(d) M, Gl, G2, S
Q15. Biological membranes are composed of
(a) 40% proteins and 60% lipids
(b) 50% proteins and 50% lipids
(c) 70% proteins and 30% lipids
(d) 60% proteins and 40% lipids


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