Q1. Wisdom teeth are  
(a) last molars
(b) last premolars
(c) incisors
(d) canines

Q2. Bones are mainly made up of
(a) calcium and phosphorus
(b) calcium and sulphur
(c) calcium and magnesium
(d) calcium and iron
Q3. Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age  
(a) 34-40
(b) 17-25
(c) 45-55
(d) 10-17
Q4. How many bones are there in a newly born infant?  
(a) 206
(b) 230
(c) 280
(d) 300
Q5. Long bones function in  
(a) support
(b) support, erythrocyte and leukocyte synthesis
(c) support and erythrocyte synthesis
(d) erythrocyte formation
Q6. The number of bones in the human body of an adult is approximately?  
(a) 210
(b) 250
(c) 206
(d) not fixed
Q7. The shortest bone in the human body is the  
(a) vertebrae
(b) stapes
(c) phalange
(d) metacarpal

Q8. Which of the following animals is correctly matched with its type of skeleton?  
(a) carb-exoskeleton
(b) earthworm-exoskeleton
(c) fly-endoskeleton
(d) dog-exoskeleton
Q9. Which of the following is most correct about our bones?  
(a) they are strong as concrete
(b) they are as hard as granite
(c) they are much lighter than concrete as well as granite
 (d) they are as strong as concrete, as hard as granite, but far lighter than both

Q10. In old age stiffness of joints is due to the
(a) hardening of bones
(b) inefficiency of muscles
(c) decrease in synovial fluid
(d) enlargement of bones
Q11. One of the following is not a function of bones  
(a) place of for muscle attachment
(b) protection of vital organs
(c) secretion of hormones for calcium regulation in blood and bones
(d) production of blood corpuscles
Q12. The only movable bone in the skill is
(a) maxilla
(b) frontoparietal
(c) mandible  
(d) nasal
Q13. Collar bone is known as  
(a) scapula
(b) coracoid
(c) patella
(d) clavicle
Q14. In an adult human being, the number of vertebrae is  
(a) 33
(b) 26
(c) 36
(d) 56

Q15. In human teeth, the type of teeth that help in cutting are  
(a) canines
(b) incisors
(c) molars
(d) premolars


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