Q1. The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale
(a) 280K
(b) 290K
(c) 300K
(d) 310K

Q2. The only snake that builds a nest is
(a) Chain viper
(b) King cobra
(c) Krait
(d) Saw-scaled viper
Q3. Which of the following harmones contains Iodine ?
(a) Thyroxine
(b) Testosterone
(c) Insulin
(d) Adrenaline
Q4. Arteries supplying blood to the heart are called
(a) Carotid arteries
(b) Hepatic arteries
(c) Coronary arteries
(d) Pulmonary arteries
Q5. Antigen is a substance which
(a) lowers body temperature
(b) destroys WBC
(c) triggers the immune system
(d) is used as an antidote to poison
Q6. Which of the following has the largest number of
chromosomes ?
(a) Human beings
(b) Pteridophytes
(c) Elephants
(d) Bryophytes
Q7. The pollination by snail is called
(a) Zoophily
(b) Entomophily
(c) Chiropteriphily
(d) Malacophily
Q8. Which of the following vitamins acts like hormone ?
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin C
(d) Vitamin D
Q9. The theory of mutation was propounded by
(a) De-vries
(b) Malpighi
(c) Robert Hooke
(d) Pasteur
Q10. The word gene was firstly used by
(a) Waldare
(b) Watson
(c) Crick
(d) Johannsen
Q11. Who was the discoverer of human blood groups?
(a) Landsteiner
(b) Livine
(c) Vinear
(d) Leeuwenhoek
Q12. Which of the following blood group is called universal
donor ?
(a) A+
(b) B+
(c) O+
(d) AB+
Q13. Which part of the human brain regulates sleep ?
(a) Medulla oblongata
(b) Cerebellum
(c) Pineal gland
(d) Pituitary gland
Q14. The leading probiotic drink yakult contains which of
the following bacterium ?
(a) Escherichia coli
(b) Lactobacillus casei
(c) Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(d) Lactobacillus plantarum
Q15. The organ of the human body which stores the
carbohydrates in the form of glycogen is
(a) intestine
(b) stomach
(c) pancreas
(d) liver



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