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Questions asked in SSC Selection Post Exam:3rd February

Candidates who have appeared for the SSC Selection Post Phase 9 2nd February 2022 for all three shifts must be looking for the overall questions to get known. The exam will be till 10th February 2022. The candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming shifts will get an idea about the detailed questions asked in the exam on the first day of the exam. In this article, we are going to cover all the questions from all three shifts in a single post. The questions are related to all the 4 topics asked in the exam. The exam analysis will provide you the details regarding the exam i.e. the questions asked, level of examination, and a number of questions.

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Questions asked in SSC Selection Post Exam Analysis

3rd February Questions are as follows:

  • Series: 1,31,35,175,177?
  • Article 2 questions
  • Dynasty 1 question
  • Cricket sport 1question
  • Assembly 2 questions
  • 9 consecutive numbers average is 30. Find the smallest number.
  • 57xy is divisible by 3. Then find 2x-5
  • n is divisible by 3. Then which is correct from the following.
  • Cuboid-related question.
  • Purchased a good at 485 Rs, marked price rs. 650 with 12.5% profit. Find overall profit.
  • A train is 200mts long crass a pole in10 sec.. another train 200 mts long crase a flatform 250 mts long flat form in 15 sec.. what time take to crass two trains each other. if they travel in the opposite direction
  • A man sold an article for560.. one is at 16 2/3% loss profit no loss..the second article sold at? Profit %
  • The age of Amit and Ajay ratio 6 years ago is 7:8. After two years the ratio is 9;10.. what is the sum of both the ages
  • Principal=40000,First-year rate=8%, Second year rate=10% at compound interest. Find the amount
  • A pole inserted in room dimensions are 24 lengths..12 breath..8.. height.. pole length?
  • A and B can do a piece of work in 25 and 20 days respectively. the work for 4 days, after C alone, complete the remaining work in 8 days, What is the total time required to C for completing 40% of work.
  • IDIOM PHRASE – In line with
  • 1st Amendment related question
  • The new world heritage site include in UNESCO is on which riverbank?
  • In the 2020 Olympics who has won the maximum number of gold medals?


2nd February Questions are as follows:

  • Akbar Tomb is located in?
  • Which river originated from Maharashtra?
  • Force/Mass=?
  • One question from vertebrate animals
  • Article 32 related to?
  • In Which field India didn’t get a medal in the recent Olympics games?
  • Who was known as the “Grand old lady” India freedom struggle?
  • Synonym-> Triumph
  • Antonym-> Emminent
  • Spelling Check-> Stopped [3 questions]
  • Idioms & phrases-> At ease
  • RC Topic-> Related to Happiness
  • Cloze Test Topic-> Mother portrayed her child with an animal
  • Who is the only Indian to get the gold medal in Olympics in a Single Game? [Ans Abhinav Bindra]
  • Who is the lady Governor of Madhya Pradesh? [Ans: Sarla Grewal]
  • What is the no. of the hydrogen molecule in calcium hydroxide?
  • Which is the oldest stone sculpture in India? [Ans: Sanchi Stupa]
  • Which is the biggest tributary river of Narmada?[Ans: Tawa]
  • From which organ does amoeba intake its food?[Ans: Food Vacuole]
  • A piece of good is sold in 1190rs with a 30% loss. What is the Cost price of the good?
  • Who got Dr. M.S. Swaminathan’s prize 2017-2019? Ans: Dr. V Praveen Rao
  • Who is the Governor of Ladakh? Ans: R. K. Mathur
  • India’s ranking in the World press freedom index 2021?
  • The matured mammalian cell nucleus is
  • Kalinga is situated in which state? Ans: Odisha
  • Black Buck National park is located in which state? Ans: Gujarat
  • Question asked from “surface area of the cube”.
  • Synonym-> Vigilant
  • One question related to the river system
  • According to 2020 which player has the record of highest captaincy in a test match? Ans: Virat Kohli
  • What is the name of the place were Buddhist monks live?Ans: Vihar
  • Who has been elected as the vice Election Commission in January 2021? Ans: Umesh Sinha
  • In which year did Champaran Satyagrah happen? Ans: April-May 1917
  • When was the Ramkrishna Mission was established? Ans: 1 May 1897 in Kolkata by Swami Vivekanand
  • Which k=lake of Maharashtra is included in 2020’s Ramsar Site? Ans: Lonar Lake
  • Which sugar is present in Milk? Ans: Lactose
  • Who is the First Female Chief Justice of Telenaga? Ans: Justice Hima Kohli
  • Who was the Nawab of Bengal after the war of Plassey? Ans: Mir Jafar

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