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Questions Asked in SSC MTS Exam: 2nd August

Questions Asked In The SSC MTS Exam 2019

Dear Aspirants,

SSC MTS exam 2019 has commenced from today i.e. 2nd August 2019. A great chance awaits for the candidates hoping to be recruited in the central government organizations. For the benefit of aspirants, we are providing a detailed up-to-date analysis of all the shifts as per the review of candidates, the link for which is provided in the post below. In this post, we will be providing you the questions asked in the exam of all the sections. We would also like to clarify that the questions mentioned below are entirely based on the review of the candidates who appeared for the exam. For more questions asked in all the shifts, stay tuned on this page where we will keep updating the topic wise questions asked in the SSC MTS Exam 2019. 

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Questions Asked In SSC MTS Exam 2019 (General Awareness)

  • Who is the President of South Africa?
  • Who was the First PM of Pakistan?
  • 1st women to cross the english channel?
  • Babar ka makbara situated in?
  • One question on Rajiv Gandhi international airport
  • Whats is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar?
  • First biosphere reserve?
  • One question on Agriculture increase percentage?
  • One question from Article 15?
  • Who is the state governor of Bihar?
  • Who won the 100 m race recently?
  • One question from Pin Valley National park ?
  • Author of a book was asked- options jumpa lahri etc
  • 1 ques from polity related to finance commission
  • Which instrument is used to measure Humidity?
  • Mosses belong to which phylum?
  • study of plants known as?
  • one question related to chess grand slam?
  • One question on the committee on fundamental duty
  • one question related to sportsperson(which field)
  • Saraswati Samman related to which field?
  • Gol Gumbaz situated at which state
  • SurajKund Lake is located in which state?
  • Berry berry disease caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?
  • Hornbill festival celebrated in?
  • how many members in GST Council
  • Who elects chief justice of india?
  • Which Fundamental Right has been taken from the constitution of USSR?
  • “The Silent Cry” written by which author?
  • Where is the largest stadium of cricket?
  • Which battle was fought between Mohd Ghori and Mohd Gajnavi?
  • Congress party was founded in?
  • Who is the Nobel prize winner 2019?
  • How many number of zeroes in factorial 37?
  • Who has written the book “Bikming”?
  • In 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in?
  • Who is the Lieutenant governor of Puducherry?
  • Amendment based on Consumer Protection Act, 1986?
  • One ques related to Noble gas
  • Where is Gir national park situated?
  • Vyas Samman 2018 given to?
  • The maximum number of grand slams 2019 is won by?
  • Which of the following emperors is not associated with the Mughal dynasty?
  • One book by Stephen Hawking
  • Hima Das is also known as? Dhing Express
  • Where is the tomb of Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki located?
  • One question related to Vitamin C deficiency.
  • First woman IAS officer? – Anna Rajam Malhotra


Questions Asked In SSC MTS Exam 2019 (English Language)

  • Cloze test based on mother Teresa
  • synonym – courage
  • antonym- humility
  • hypocrite-one word substitution
  • encourage- synonym
  • Synonym of intensify
  • Antonym of deepen
  • synonym – Comic
  • antonym- Inexpensive
  • Cloze test was based on sanitization
  • Spelling error of – Enthusiasm and Financially
  • To end in smoke- idiom
  • Synonym- Cluster
  • Idioms & phrases – To be extremely Bold
  • Meaning of Capable
  • Idiom- As fit as a fiddle
  • Chide- synonym
  • Antonym of Fluctuate
  • Dependent, Existence, dominant – Spell check
  • One word substitution- Fatal
  • Cloze test related to deforestation

Questions Asked In SSC MTS Exam 2019 (General Intelligence)

  • No question from the matrix was asked
  • Reasoning was easy
  • Diagram of lawyer painter and singer
  • 576:676::?
  • 7:35::8:?
  • 36:109::25:?
  • Circular seating arrangement facing in center
  • no ques from directions
  • 32,61,44,_ (71, 73, 89, 66) Ans is 73 Difference of 29

Questions Asked In SSC MTS Exam 2019 (Numerical Ability)

  • Height of cone was asked in mensuration
  • algebra- calculative
  • Ratios were given 7/4, 3/8. They were asked to be arranged in ascending order
  • BODMAS-3-4 questions
  • SinA-1/SinA+1 = ?
  • If A can do work in some days and B can do in some days together they work in how many days?
  • one ques on pie chart of a company segmented into 5 groups P1-P5. Data of laptop was given i.e. 3000 laptops there were some ratio ques like for eg P1/P2 Total 2 ques were there
  • If perimeter of square is given then what is the area of circle inscribed inside square?
  • Length of diagonal of a rhombus is given Find the area of rhombus?
  • a+b can do work in some days, B+c is given, c+a is given
  • IN how many days A can alone work
  • What is the value of 162 + 172 + 182 …….252 ?
  • Volume of cube is given. Volume of cuboid is 175 cms less than that of volume of cube.
  • Height of cuboid given. Find base area of cuboid?
  • Simple interest was Formula based
  • ratio & proportion a/b given & b/c given then a:b:c ?
  • Pipes & cistern direct formula based
  • Time & work Formula based
  • An article is sold @7650 after two successive disc. 15% and 25%. Find the M.P ?
  • Median of 2 3 5 7 8 9 10 11 13
  • Who has won maximum grand slam¿
  • Avg. First 7 consecutive prime no.
  • Avg. of first 6 natural no.s which r divisible by 3

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