SSC CPO Exam 2020: Check Quant, English, Reasoning, GA Questions Asked in SSC CPO Exam

What are the questions asked in the SSC CPO Tier 1 exam from the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning & GA section? Staff Selection Commission is conducting the SSC CPO examination for selecting the eligible candidates for the recruitment of Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors. SSCADDA has already provided the analysis for the SSC CPO Tier 1 exam held on 23rd, 24th & 25th November but what are the questions asked in the exam? Aspirants who are yet to appear in the upcoming shifts must be looking forward to getting acquainted with the questions as that will help them in knowing the type of questions to be asked by the SSC.

Questions asked in SSC CPO Tier 1 [25th November]:-

  • Who is the Minister of external affairs?
  • Harshvardhan related to which ministry
  • Define refraction.
  • Maths questions were easy.
  • Spell Check-> Perseverance
  • Synonym-> Hobble
  • Idioms-> Apple Pie Order
  • The area of 4 walls was given. How much money will spend in paint these walls?
  • If 2 circles intersect at 2 points and the length of common cord was given, & radius of both circles was given. Then find the distance between the 2 centers.
  • How many numbers come between 200 and 300 which are divisible by 6,7 & 8.
  • Raio of the volume of 2 spheres was given, then find the ratio of their heights.

Questions asked in SSC CPO Tier 1 [24th November, Shift 2]:-

  • CM of Gujrat?
  • The current governor of Maharashtra?
  • Chief of Naval Staff?
  • Antonyms and Synonyms – Coveted , Diverge , Suave , Shove , Lofting, Expel , Intriguing, Defile
  • Question related to Poorna Swaraj?
  • India shares Smallest boundry with which country?
  • Floating National Park in world?
  • Who won the first Nobel prize in Physics from India?
  • Current CAG of India?
  • Cloze test topic – Invention Related
  • Idiom – Take to heart
  • Error Detection – Error related to Jury (is/are)

Questions asked in SSC CPO Tier 1 [24th November, Shift 1]:-

  • Spelling Error – Vengeance
  • Synonym – Ignominy
  • Antonym – Meticulous, ephemeral
  • CP = 8400 , SP = 9000 Find Profit%?
  • The income of A is 30 % more than B and Income of B is 30% more than c , find how much % a is more than c?
  • The ratio of four numbers is 1:3:4:7 , their sum is 105 find the largest number?
  • Headquarter of OPEC?
  • United Nation formed in?
  • An era of Darkness author?
  • Question-related to GNP?
  • Article 24 is related to?
  • Matki Dance is of which state?
  • Vaikunta Perumal Temple was built by which dynasty?
  • 24th Governor of RBI?
  • Question-Related to Razia Sultan?
  • Question-Related to Vallabh Bhai Patel?

Questions asked in SSC CPO Tier 1 [23rd November, Shift 1]:-


  • Call on,
  • A dry run

One word substitution:-

  • A woman with dark brown hair
  • To have one’s heart in one’s boots.
  • to be deeply depressed

Antonym-> Blissful

  • One question related to Richter scale.
  • Study of spider called?
  • Who is the founder of Twitter?
  • One question related to Kalidas.
  • When did Gandhi ji returned to India?
  • Some questions were asked from Government schemes which were launched in 2014.
  • One question asked from Article 12.
  • Who is the father of physics?
  • When did Namami gange project start?
  • Who was the president when Rajiv Gandhi became PM?
  • One question asked from Bihu dance form.
  • The biggest city of Srilanka?
  • Which of the following is not a part of brain?
  • The chemical name of Calcium Sulfate dihydrate?
  • x^2 +1/x^2 =83 find x^3 – 1/x^3 = ?
  • After selling an article at 400 Rs there was a profit of 25%.Find the sum of CP & SP?
  • Marked price of an article is 920Rs , Seller gives 2 successive discount of x % each which is equal to 331.2 Rs.Find the value of x?
  • side of a Rhombus is 13 and one of the diagonals is 10 cm.Find the area of the rhombus?
  • Find the single equivalent discount to successive discount of 22%, 17 % and 11 %?
  • 5 Root 5 x^3 – 3 root 3y^3 = ( Root 5 x- root 3 y) (Ax^2 + By^2+Cxy) Find 4A + 3B – Root 15 C?
  • A is 60 % more than B. Then by how much percent B is less than A?
  • Radius of a cylinder is 14 and it curved surface are is 880 , then find the volume of the cylinder?
  • In a triangle ABC, the angle bisector of angle B and C meets at O.If angle BOC is 142 then find angle A?
  • Ratio of two numbers is 7 : 11 and their HCF is 28. Find the numbers?
  • Each side of a rectangle is decreased by 11 % , then net percent change in area will be?
  • Two pipes a tank in 15 H and 18 h.Find how much will both take to empty the tank?
  • P = 1212 Rs Rate = 10% at simple interest Amount is 20400Rs. Find time?
  • When a number is divided by 18 , 15 ,36 remainder is 9 and the number is completely divisible by 11. Find the least Number?
  • Tangent PA and PB of a circle with center O, makes an angle at P 128 than find angle OAB?
  • A ladder is placed on the wall at 18 m height, the ladder makes an angle Theta with the base. if cos theta = 5/13 . Find the length of the base?
  • The sides of triangle are 26 , 24 and 10. At every vertex, a circle is drawn of radius 4.2. The area of the remaining part after drawing circle?
  • 7 years ago the ratio of ages of A: B is 4:5. 8 years hence the ratio of their ages will be 9:10. Find the sum of ages of A & B?
  • a^2+b^2+c^2 +216 = 12(a+b-2c) find root of (ab – bc + ca)?
  • 6.35^3 + 3.65^3 / 6.35^2 + 3.65^2 – 6.35 * 3.65?

Questions asked in SSC CPO Tier 1 [23rd November, Shift 2]:-

  • One question from Satluj.
  • One question asked related to Jahangir.
  • One question asked from Art 300A
  • One question asked from Nirala Ji.
  • One question asked from Article 17.
  • Which Maurya ruler was famous by name “Priyadarshi”?
  • Which symbol is used for Krypton?
  • How many chambers present in the crocodile heart?
  • On which date the first emergency was declared in India?
  • Who wrote, “India wins freedom”?
  • One question asked from Baramati Stadium.
  • one question related to DRDO.
  • Synonym-> Imprudent
  • One question from Schedule 11.
  • Number of Amendments.
  • One question asked from Udyam Adhilasha.
  • One question asked from Sagarmatha.
  • Who is the founder of Jainism?
  • One question from CAG.

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