Question Based on GA Study Notes On Light and its phenomena (Part 1) : SSC CGL Tier-1 2017

LIGHT – Reflection and Refraction

Dear SSC CGL Aspirants, you might have observed that every year a lot of questions are asked from the Light chapter and its daily phenomena. Keeping in view the importance of Light chapter, We have provided notes on Light and the daily phenomena of light. Now, it’s time to check your knowledge. Based on notes you can answer these questions.
Q1. The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of the blue colour of the sky?
Ans: Scattering

Q2. To an astronaut in space, the sky will appear to be:
Ans: Black
Q3. The rainbow formation is due to:
Ans: Refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets.
Q4. Red light is used in traffic signals, because 
Ans: Red light disperses least.
Q5. A water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from the top due to:  
Ans: Refraction
Q6. A star appears twinkling in the sky because of:  
Ans: Refraction of light by atmosphere
Q7. The blue colour of ocean due to?
Ans: Scattering of light
Q8. Why does the sun look red at sunrise and sunset?
Ans: Most of the Red light waves are least scattered, entered our eyes and blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.
Q9. Which mirror is used in torch lights?
Ans: Concave Mirror
Q10. A stick appears to bend and short when immersed in water.why?
Ans: Refraction of light.

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