Quantitative Aptitude [Advanced Level] For SSC CGL : 7th December

Q1. If the diagonal and the area of a rectangle are 34 m and 480 m², find the sum of length & breadth of the rectangle?
(a) 42 m
(b) 46 m
(c) 44 m
(d) 40 m

Q2. A regular hexagonal pyramid has the perimeter of its base as 36 m and its altitude 40 m. Find its volume?
(a) 3741.22 m³
(b) 1747.07 m³
(c) 2247.07 m³
(d) 1247.07 m³

Q3.If x=√5+1/√5 and y=√5-1/√5 then find the value of x²+y²+ 4xy
(a) 132/5
(b) 142/5
(c) 148/5
(d) 152/5

Q4.How many digits (ignoring repetition) are required to number a book containing 1250 pages?
(a) 4193
(b) 3193
(c) 3893
(d) 4173

Q5.In ∆ABC, θ is an acute angle and tanθ is equal to three times of cotθ. Find the value of
sin²θ + cosec²θ – 2/3 cot²θ
(a) 67/36
(b) 65/36
(c) 77/36
(d) 75/36

Q6. The height of a cone and the radius of its base are respectively 9 cm and 3 cm. The cone is cut by a plane parallel to its base so as to divide it into two parts. The volume of the frustum (i.e. the lower part) of the cone is 66 cm³. Then find the radius(in cm) of the upper circular surface of the frustum. (taking π =22/7)
(a) ∛6
(b) ∛11
(c) ∛9
(d) ∛14

Q7. The sum of the areas of the 9 squares whose sides are 20cm, 21 cm,……, 28 cm respectively is
(a) 7714 cm²
(b) 5244 cm²
(c) 6370.67 cm²
(d) 6714 cm²

(a) 119
(b) 194
(c) 167
(d) 223

Q9. The total sum of all interior angles of a regular polygon is thrice the total sum of all its exterior angles. Find the no. of diagonals?
(a) 12
(b) 25
(d) 20

Q10. From the foot and top of a building of height 322m, a man observes the top of a tower with angle of elevation p and q respectively. If tan p =4/5 and tanq= 5/12, then what is the distance between the top of the building and top of the tower
(a) 672 m
(b) 350 m
(c) 710 m
(d) 910 m

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