Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For SSC And Railway Exams

1.A producer of tea blends two varities of tea from two gardens one costing Rs.24 per kg  and another Rs 28 per kg in the ratio 6:2.If he sells the blended variety at Rs 30 per kg what is profit or ioss percentage?

2.6 men can do a piece work in 4 days. 8 boys can also  do the same  work in 6 days .In how many days 3 men and 6 boys together will finish the 
3.A train crosses a pole in 15s .it also crosses a platform which length is 200m in 90s.then find length of the train and its speed.
(a)620m and 45m/s
(b)520m and 36m/s
(c)450m and 60m/s
(d)540m and 36m/s

4.A box contains 4 red ball and 6 green ball.2 balls are picked random what is the probability that one of them is red and another is green

5.The diameter of the base of a right circular cylinder is 28 cm,while its length is 60 cm . find the total surface area of the cylinder.

6.what is the slope of the line perpendicular to the line passing through the points (6,5) and( 2,-3).
7.In a town, 90% of the population is literate in whichthe men and women are in the ratio of 5:4,respectively if the number of literate men is 2.5 lakh,what is the total poulation of the town?
(a)5.5 lakh
(b)4 lakh
(c)5 lakh
(d)4.5 lakh
8.The area of a rectangle is 2.25 times the area of a square . the length of the rectangle is 4 times the breadth.the side of the square is 20cm .what is the perimeter of the rectangle.
9 If 5sinX+12cosX=12.Then what is the value of(5cosX-12sinX).
10.If the differece between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 year at 25% per annum is 50 ,then the sum will be.

1. c
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. b
9. b
10. d

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