Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For SSC And Railway Exams

Directions: (1-5): The pie-chart provided below gives the distribution of land (in a village) under various food crops. Study the pie chart carefully and answer the questions from 1 to 5.

1.If the total area under bajra was three hundred acres, then the total area (in hundred acres) under Rice and Barley together is. 
(a)  18 (b)  12
(c)  15 (d)  13
2.The combination of three crops which contribute to more than 50% of the total area under the good crops is  
(a)  wheat, rice and maize
(b)  wheat, rice and jowar 
(c)  wheat, rice and bajra
(d)  rice, barley and maize. 
3.The ratio of the land used for rice and barley is –
(a)  3 : 2 (b)  1 : 2
(c)  2 : 1 (d)  3 : 1
4.If 10% of the land reserved for rice be distributed to wheat and barley in the ratio 2 : 1, then the angle corresponding to wheat in the new pie-chart will be-
(a)  38.40 (b)  76.80
(c)  75.60 (d)  45.50

5.If the production of rice is 5 times that of Jowar and the production of Jowar is 2 times that of Bajra, then the ratio between the yield per acre of rice and Bajra is – 
(a)  5 : 2 (b)  3 : 1
(c)  4 : 1 (d)  6 : 1
6.100 villagers repaired 2/3rd of a broken bank of a river in 6 hours. More villagers join the repairing and complete the work in next 2 hours working at the same rate. The number of new villagers involved is- 
(a)  30 (b)  40
(c)  45 (d)  50
7.In triangle ABC, P and Q are the middle points of the sides AB and AC respectively. R is a point on the segment PQ such that PR : RQ = 1 : 2. If PR = 2 cm, then BC = ? 
(a)  4 cm (b)  2 cm  (c) 12  (d)  14 

8.Half of a large cylindrical tank open at the top is filled with water and identical heavy spherical ball are to be dropped into the tank without spilling water out. If the radius and the height of the tank are equal and each is four times the radius of a ball, what is the maximum number of balls that can be dropped.  
(a)  24 (b)  12
(c)  36 (d)  48
9.A motorboat takes 2 hours to travel a distance of 9 km down the current and it takes 6 hours to travel the same distance against the current. What is the speed of the boat in still water to kmph.   
(a)  3 (b)  2
(c)  1.5 (d)  1

10.A father and his son start at a point A with speed of 12 kmph and 18 kmph respectively and reach another point B. If his son stars 60 minutes after his father at A and reaches B 60 minutes before his father, what is the distance between A and B. 
(a)  20km (b)  72km
(c)  48km (d)  60km 


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