Quantitative Aptitude Quiz Based on Adda247 Book : 15th October 2018(Solutions)

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With the passing months, exam preparation for govt. exams viz. SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC JE, SSC MTS and other prominent competitive exams is required to ace your performance in these sought after govt job. based exams. And to make you provide with an extraordinary experience of learning via the best study content of ADDA247 Publication Books, we will be providing daily quizzes of all the four mandatory subjects let it be Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Reasoning and General Awareness right away from ADDA247 Publication Best Books For all SSC Exams to facilitate you with our Publication Books’ efficiency encompassed with comprehensive study material subsumed with holistic notes, Practice Sets and Exercises. 
Starting from today, the quizzes on SSCADDA for all SSC Exams will be based on ADDA247 Publication Books to make you experience a beneficial journey which drums up your efforts, preparation strategy and time managing skills. Quantitative aptitude holds its own importance in all SSC Exams and quantitative aptitude is its one significant part, considering the same, Arithmetic Quiz is all set to catalyze your preparation.

Q1. At 9% discount the selling price of a washing machine is Rs. 14000, what is the selling price if the discount is 22%? 
(a) Rs. 12000
(b) Rs. 9360
(c) Rs. 10202.4
(d) Rs. 13322.4

Q2. A rice trader buys 22 quintals of rice for Rs. 3,344.24% rice is lost in transportation. At what rate should he sell to earn 30% profit? 
(a) Rs. 88.86 per quintal
(b) Rs. 197.6 per quintal
(c) Rs. 269.2 per quintal
(d) Rs. 260 per quintal

Q3. A missile travels at 1350 km/h. How many metres does it travel in one second? 
(a) 369 metres
(b) 375 metres
(c) 356 metres
(d) 337 metres

Q4. Peeyush has done 1/3rd of a job in 30 days, Sanjiv completes the rest of the job in 60 days. In how days can they together do the job? 
(a) 15 days
(b) 45 days
(c) 30 days
(d) 10 days

Q5. The first and last terms of an arithmetic progression are 33 and -57. What is the sum of the series if it has 16 terms? 
(a) –135
(b) –192
(c) –207
(d) –165

Q6. The average weight of Sopan, Guruprasad and Rima is 65 kg. if the average weight of Sopan and Guruprasad be 67 kg and that of Guruprasad and Rima be 57 kg, then the weight of Guruprasad is 
(a) 60
(b) 53
(c) 58
(d) 63

Q7. A bank offers 5% compound interest per half year. A customer deposits Rs. 9600 each on 1st January and 1st July of a year. At the end of the year, the amount he would have gained by way of interest is : 
(a) Rs. 2928
(b) Rs. 1464
(c) Rs. 732
(d) Rs. 366

Q8. By increasing the price of entry ticket to a fair in the ratio 3 : 5, the number of visitors to the fair has decreased in the ratio 7 : 2. In what ratio has the total collection increased or decreased? 
(a) increased in the ratio 10 : 21
(b) increased in the ratio 6 : 35
(c) decreased in the ratio 21 : 10
(d) decreased in the ratio 35 : 6

Q9. The difference between simple and compound interests compounded annually on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 16% per annum is Rs 320. What is the value of given sum (in Rs)?
(a) 25000
(b) 50000
(c) 37500
(d) 12500

Q10. Of the 5 numbers whose average is 76, the first is 3/7 times the sum of other 4. The first number is
(a) 171
(b) 114
(c) 76
(d) 228

Q11. Marked price of an item is Rs 400. On purchase of 1 item discount is 6% and on purchase of 4 items discount is 24%. Rachita buys 5 items, what is the effective discount?
(a) 34 percent
(b) 28.56 percent
(c) 12.8 percent
(d) 23.25 percent

Q12. A shopkeeper, sold almonds at the rate Rs 1250 per kg and bears a loss of 7%. Now if he decides to sell it at Rs 1375 per kg, what will be the result?
(a) 4.6 percent gain
(b) 2.3 percent loss
(c) 2.3 percent gain
(d) 4.6 percent loss

Q13. Madhur works 2 times faster than Sagar. If Sagar can complete a job alone in 18 days, then in how many days can they together finish the job?
(a) 5 days
(b) 2 days
(c) 6 days
(d) 4 days

Q14. The bus fare between two cities is increased in the ratio 11:18. What would be the increase in the fare, if the original fare is Rs 550?
(a) Rs 350
(b) Rs 900
(c) Rs 180
(d) Rs 360

Q15. Two students appeared for an examination. One of them secured 20 marks more than the other and his marks were 55% of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by them are
(a) 92 and 72
(b) 83 and 63
(c) 110 and 90
(d) 64 and 44

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