Quantitative Aptitude [ Beginners Level ] Quiz For SSC CGL : 25th December

Q1. Among 132 examinees of a certain school, the ratio of successful to unsuccessful students is 9 : 2. Had 4 more students passed, then the ratio of successful to unsuccessful students will be
(a) 14 : 3
(b) 14 : 5
(c) 28 : 3
(d) 28 : 5

Q2. In a regiment the ratio between the number of officers to soldiers was 3 : 31 before battle. In a battle 6 officers and 22 soldiers were killed and the ratio became 1 : 13, the number of officers in the regiment before battle was
(a) 31
(b) 38
(c) 21
(d) 28

Q3. A and B started a joint business. Investment of A was thrice than that of B and the tenure of investment by A was also 2 times that of B. If B got a profit of Rs. 4000, then, the total profit was–
(a) Rs. 24000
(b) Rs. 16000
(c) Rs. 28000
(d) Rs. 20000

Q4. Fifteen movie theatres having average 600 customers per theatre per day. If six of the theatres close down but the total theatre attendance stays the same, then the average daily attendance per theatre among the remaining theatres is
(a) 900
(b) 1000
(c) 1100
(d) 1200

Q5. The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is :
(a) 31 kg
(b) 32 kg
(c) 29.5 kg
(d) 35 kg

Q6. Due to 25% fall in the rate of eggs, one can buy 2 dozen eggs more than before by investing Rs.162. Then the original rate per dozen of the eggs is
(a) Rs. 22
(b) Rs. 24
(c) Rs. 27
(d) Rs. 30

Q7. The population of a town increases at the rate of 10% during the first year and it decreases at the rate of 10% during the second year. If it has 29,700 inhabitants at present, find the number of inhabitants two years ago.
(a) 25000
(b) 30000
(c) 35000
(d) 28000

Q8. A man invested a sum of money at compound interest. It amounted to Rs. 2420 in 2 years and to Rs. 2662 in 3 years. Find the sum.
(a) Rs. 1000
(b) Rs. 2000
(c) Rs. 5082
(d) Rs. 3000

Q9. The distance between A and B is 330 km. A train starts from A and goes towards B with a speed of 60 km/hr at 8.00 AM and 2nd trains starts from B at 9.00 AM with a speed of 75 km/hr and moves towards A. At what time will they meet?
(a) 10.00 AM
(b) 10.30 AM
(c) 11.00 AM
(d) 11.30 AM

Q10. Last year Mr. A bought two paintings. This year he sold them for Rs. 20,000 each. On one, he made a 25% profit and on the other he had a 25% loss. Then his net profit or loss is
(a) He lost more than Rs. 2000
(b) He lost less than Rs. 2000
(c) He earned more than Rs. 2000
(d) H earned less than Rs. 2000


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