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Home Quantitative Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude For SSC CGL,CHSL : 27th January 2020 for Percentage

Quantitative Aptitude For SSC CGL,CHSL : 27th January 2020 for Percentage

In Today's Maths Quiz we are providing latest pattern questions based on the topics of Percentage

| Updated On February 19th, 2020 at 06:35 pm

Q1. Priya marks her goods x% above the cost price and allows a discount of 22% on the marked price. If her profit is 10% then the value of x will be:
(a) 42.346
(b) 41.026
(c) 41.256
(d) None of these

Q2. If w is 32% more than x and y is 33% less than the sum of x and y, then by what percent will y be more than w
(a) 59.49%
(b) 52.26%
(c) 34.49%
(d) 53.81%

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Q3. Shivali bought 167kg of Rajma. 35% of it was sold at 12% loss. At what percent gain should he sell the rest to lose 13% on the whole transaction? (correct to two decimal)
(a) 13.64
(b) 14.58
(c) 13.54
(d) 13.39

Q4. The number of employees in adda247 is 135, out of which 40% are males and the rest are females. The average score in Keka ranking of the males is 65% more than that of females. If the average score of all the employees is 87 then the average score of the females is:
(a) 71.01
(b) 69.05
(c) 65.01
(d) 67.77

Q5. The ratio of income of Rishi to that of Yashi is 8 : 11. Rishi and Yashi save Rs. 8000 and Rs. 9000 respectively. If the expenditure of Rishi is equal to 32% of the expenditure of Yashi, then total income of Rishi and Yashi is:
(a) 21714.28
(b) 22344.29
(c) 19949.29
(d) 21835.29

Q6. In an examination, 47% Passed in art & culture and 43% failed in Social Science. If 47% failed in both subject, what percentage passed in both subjects ?
(a) 51%
(b) 57%
(c) 43%
(d) 38%

Q7. Sumitra has an average of 56% on her first 7 examinations. How much she should make on her eighth examination to obtain an average of 60% on 8 examinations ?
(a) 88%
(b) 78%
(c) 98%
(d) can’t be answered

Q8. Ms. Sujata invests 7% i.e. Rs. 2170 of her monthly salary in mutual funds. Later she invests 18% of her monthly salary in recurring deposits also, she invests 6% of her salary on NSC’s. What is the total annual amount invested by Ms. Sujata ?
(a) Rs. 1,25,320
(b) Rs. 1,13,520
(c) Rs. 1,35,120
(d) Rs. 1,15,320

Q9. 405 sweets were distributed equally among children in such a way that the number of sweets received by each child is 20% of the total number of children. How many sweets did each child receive ?
(a) 15
(b) 45
(c) 9
(d) 18

Q10. Fresh grapes contain 80% water by weight, whereas dried grapes contain 15% water by weight. How many kg of dried grapes can be obtained from 3.4 kg of fresh grapes ?
(a) 0.51
(b) 0.6
(c) 0.68
(d) 0.8



Important Questions on Simplification by Rohit Nama Sir | SSC CGL 2019 | Super Educator

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