Quantitative Aptitude of Advanced Level For SSC CGL : 15th January 2020 for Ratio, mensuration and Algebra

Q1. Ratio between the no. of sides and each interior angles for two regular polygons are 5 : 6 and 24 : 25 then what are the no. of sides of all those polygons?
(a) 20, 24
(b) 25, 18
(c) 10, 12
(d) 5, 6

Q2. A regular hexagon is formed after cutting the vertices of an equilateral ∆ of side 12 cm. find out the area of this hexagon (is cm²)?

Q3. is simplified to
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

Q4. A circle is circumscribed by the rhombus which in turn is made up by joining the mid points of a rectangle whose sides are 24 cm and 32 cm respectively. What is the area of the circle?

Q5. A man is watching from the top of a tower at a boat speeding away from the tower. The boat makes an angle of depression of 45° with the man’s eye when at a distance of 100m from the bottom of tower. After 5s, the angle of depression becomes 30°. What is the approximate speed of the boat assuming that it is running in still water(in km/h)?
(a) 52.92
(b) 49.96
(d) 46.66

Q6. The radius of circle is so increased that its circumference increased by 5%. The area of the circle then increases by
(a) 12.5%
(b) 10.25%
(c) 10.5%
(d) 11.25%

Q7. The diagonal of a square is 4 √2 cm. Find the diagonal of another square whose area is double that of the first square is
(a) 8 cm
(b) 8 √2 cm
(c) 4 √2 cm
(d) 16 cm

Q8. A rectangular park 60 m long and 40 m wide has two concrete crossroads of same width running in the middle of the park and rest of the park has been used as a lawn. If the area of the lawn is 2109 sq. m, then what is the width of the road?
(a) 2.91 m
(b) 3 m
(c) 5.82 m
(d) 4m

Q9. Suppose the two sides of a square are along the straight line 6x-8y=15 and 4y -3x = 2. Then the area of the square is
2.52 Sq.Units
3.61 Sq. Units
4.33 Sq. Units
5 Sq. Units

Q10. The point C(3,­2) divides the segment joining the points (x,0) and (0,y) in the ratio 1:3. Find x and y?
(a) x = 4; y = ­8
(b) x = ­3; y = ­8
(c) x = 3; y = 8
(d) x = ­3; y = 8



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