Quant Quiz on “TIME & WORK” for SSC CGL 2016

1.‘x’ number of men can finish a piece of work in 30days. If there were 6 men more, the work could be finished in 10 days less. The actual number of men is:


2. 8 men can complete a piece of work in 20 days. 8 women can complete the same work in 32 days. In how many days will 5 men and 8 women together complete the same work?

16 days
12 days
14 days
10 days

3. A, B and C can do a job in 6 days, 12 days and 15 days, respectively. After 1/8of the work is completed, C leaves the job. Rest of the work is done by A and B together. Time taken to finish the remaining work is:

5 (5/6) days
5 (1/4) days
3 (1/2) days
3 (3/4) days

4. 15 Men take 20 days to complete a job working 8 hours a day. The number of hours a day should 20 men take to complete the job in 12 days is:

5 hours
10 hours
15 hours
18 hours

5. 3 persons undertake to complete a piece of work for Rs. 1,200. The first person can complete the work in 8 days, second person in 12 days and third person in 16 days. They complete the work with the help of a fourth person in 3 days. What does the fourth person get?

Rs. 180
Rs. 200
Rs. 225
Rs. 250

6. Two workers A and B working together completed a job in 5 days. If A worked twice as efficiently as he actually did and B worked 1/3 as efficiently as he actually did, the work would have been completed in 3 days. To complete the job alone, A would require:

5 (1/5) days
6 (1/4) days
7 (1/2) days
8 (3/4) days

7. A can do a piece of work in 20 days and B in 30 days. They work together for 7 days and then both leave the work. Then C alone finishes the remaining work in 10 days. In how many will C finish the full work?

25 days
30 days
24 days
20 days

8. Sunil completes a work in 4 days, whereas Dinesh completes the work in 6 days. Ramesh works 1 (1/2) times as fast as Sunil. The three together can complete the work in:

1 (5/12) days
1 (5/7) days
1 (3/8) days
1 (5/19) days

9. A farmer can plough a filed working 6 hours per day in 18 days. The worker has to work how many hours per day to finish the same work in 12 days?


10. A does 1/5 of a work in a week. B finishes the work in 15 Days. B starts the work and works only for 3 days. Thereafter A completes the job. He will finish it in:


10 days
7 days
12 days
28 days

11. A can do a certain work in 12 days. B is 60% more efficient than A. How many days will B and A together take to do the same job?


12. 2 men and 4 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days, while 4 men and 5 boys can do it in 6 days. Men and boys are paid wages according to their output. If the daily wage of a man is Rs. 40, then the ratio of daily wages of a man and a boy will be:

5 : 3
5 : 2
7 : 4
7 : 3

13. A, B and C can do a piece of work in 30, 20 and 10 days respectively. A is assisted by B on one day and by C on the next day, alternately. How long would the work take to finish?

9 (3/8) days
4 (4/8) days
8 (4/13) days
3 (9/13) days

14. P, Q, R are employed to do a work for Rs. 5750. P and Q together finished 19/23 of work and Q and R together finished 8/23 of work. Wage of Q in rupees, is:


15. A and B together can complete a piece of work in 12 days and B and C together in 15 days. If A is twice as good a workman as C, then in how many days will B alone complete the same work?






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