Quant Quiz on “SPEED , TIME and DISTANCE” for SSC CGL 2016

1. Raman drove from home to a neighboring town at the speed of 50 km/h and on his returning journey. He drove at the speed of 45 km/h and, also took an hour longer to reach home. What distance did he cover each way?

450 km
225 km
900 km
500 km

2. Pratibha covers a distance of 24 Km at the speed of 8 km/h and a distance of 18 km at the speed of 9 km/h. Further, she covers a distance of 12 km at the speed of 3 km/h. What is her average speed in covering the whole distance?

8 km/h
5.5 km/h
3 km/h
6 km/h

3.A man walks at the speed of 5 km/h and runs at the speed of 10 km/h. How much time will the man require to cover the distance of 28 km, if he covers half (first 14 km) of his journey walking and half his journey running?


8.4 hours
6 hours
5 hours
4.2 hours

4. Milind takes as much time in running 15 metres as a car takes in covering 40 metres. What will be the distance covered by Milind during the time the car covers 2 km?

1000 metres
600 metres
650 metres
750 metres

5. A train running at 7/11 of its normal speed reached a place in 22 hours. How much time could be saved if the train would have run at its normal speed?

14 hours
7 hours
8 hours
16 hours

6.A man can reach a certain place in 30 hours. If he reduces his speed by 1/15, he goes 10 km less in that time. Find his speed per hour.

6 km/h
5 (1/2) km/h
4 km/h
5 km/h

7.A car travelling at 5/7 of its actual speed covers 42 km in 1 hour 40 minutes 48 second. Find out the actual speed of the car.

17 (6/7) km/h
35 km/h
25 km/h
30 km/h

8. A trains passes a telegraph post in 8 seconds and a 264 m long bridge in 20 seconds. What is the length of the train?

180 m
176 m
164 m
158 m

9. In a Km race A beats B by 100 m and C by 200 m. By how many meter can B beat C in a race of 1350 m?

150 m
120 m
1200 m
210 m

10. Two boys, A and B, runs at 4 (1/2) and 6 Km an hour. A having 190 m start. The course being 1 km, B wins by a distance of:

60 m
65 m
45 m
75 m

11.The speed of a car increases by 2 km after every hour. If the distance travelled in the first hour was 35 km, then what was the total distance travelled in 12 hours?

522 km
456 km
552 km
482 km

12. Buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20 km/h at an interval of 10 mins. What is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at an interval of 8 mins?

3 km/h
4 km/h
5 km/h
7 km/h

13.The bus fare for one person is Rs. 420 from Agra to Aligarh and train fare between the same places for one person is equal to 3/4 the bus fare for two persons between the same places. What is the total fare paid by 2 persons travelling by bus and 4 persons travelling by train between the two places?

Rs. 3360
Rs. 3460
Rs. 3440
Rs. 3406

14. Three men step off together from the same spot. Their steps measure 63 cm, 70 cm and 77 cm, respectively. The minimum distance each should cover so that all can cover the distance in complete steps is:

9630 cm
9360 cm
6930 cm
6950 cm

15. A certain distance is covered by a cyclist at a certain speed. If a jogger covers half the distance in double the time, the ratio of the speed of the jogger to that of the cyclist is:

1 : 4
4 : 1
1 : 2
2 : 1



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