Quant Quiz on “GEOMETRY” for SSC CGL 2016

1. A horse is tied to a pole fixed at one corner of 30 m × 30 m square field of grass, by means of a 10 m long rope. Find the area of that part of the field, in which the horse can graze.

78.5 sq m
79.5 sq m
76.0 sq m
78.0 sq m


2. From four corners of a square sheet of side 4 cm, four pieces, each in the shape of arc of a circle with radius 2 cm are cut out. The area of the remaining portion is

(8-π)sq cm
(16-4π) sq cm
(16-8π)sq cm
(4-2π) sq cm

3. If the four equal circles of radius 3 cm touch each other externally, then the area of the region bounded by the four circles is

4(9-π) sq cm
9(4-π) sq cm
5(6-π) sq cm
6(5-π) sq cm

4. Three circles of diameter 10 cm each, are bound together by a rubber band, as shown in the figure. The length of the rubber band (in cm), if it is stretched as shown, is

30 + 10 π
10 π

Length of rubber band =3d+2πr
=(30+10π) cm

5. An equilateral triangle of side 6 cm has its corners cut off to form a regular hexagon. Area (in cm2) of this regular hexagon will be


6. ABC is an equilateral triangle of side 2 cm. With A, B, C as centres and radius 1 cm three arcs are drawn. The area of the region within the triangle bounded by the three arcs is



7. The area of the shaded region in the figure given below is



8. The area of a square and a rectangle are equal. The length of the rectangle is greater than the length of a side of the square by 5 cm and the breadth is less than the length of the side of the square by 3 cm. The perimeter of the rectangle is

17 cm
26 cm
30 cm
34 cm

9. If the areas of a circle and a square are equal, then the ratio of their perimeters is

1 : 1
2 : π
π ∶ 2
√π ∶ 2

10. A circular wire of diameter 42 cm is bent in the form of a rectangle whose sides are in the ratio 6 : 5. The area of the rectangle is. (use π=22/7)

540 cm2
1080 cm2
2160 cm2
4320 cm2

11. A square and an equilateral triangle are drawn on the same base. The ratio of their areas is


2 : 1
1 : 1
√3 ∶ 4
4 : √3

12. There is a rectangular tank of length 180 m and breadth 120 m in a circular field. If the area of the land portion of the field is 40000 m2,what is the radius of the field? (tate π=22/7)

130 m
135 m
140 m
145 m

13. The circumference of a circle is 100 cm. The side of a square inscribed in the circle is


14. The area of the greatest circle inscribed inside a square of side 21 cm is (take π=22/7)


344.5 cm2
364.5 cm2
346.5 cm2
366.5 cm2

15. The length of a rectangular garden is 12 m and its breadth is 5 m. Find the length of the diagonal of a square garden having the same area as that of the rectangular garden

2√30 m
√13 m
13 m
8√15 m


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