Quant Quiz For SSC Exam.

A man saves Rs 200 at the
end of each year and lends the money at 5% compound interest. How much will it
become at the end of 3 years.
      (A) 661.01 
      (B) 662.01
      (C) 663.01
      (D) 664.01 

A rectangular field is to be
fenced on three sides leaving a side of 20 feet uncovered. If the area of the
field is 680 sq.ft, how many feet of fencing will be required?
      (A) 90 feet 
      (B) 85 feet
      (C) 88 feet
      (D) 84 feet 
The difference between
simple interest and compound interest on Rs. 1200 for one year at 10% per annum
reckoned half – yearly is :
      (A) Rs. 2 
      (B) Rs. 3
      (C) Rs. 4
      (D) Rs. 5 
4.   The Diagonals of two squares
are in the ratio of 2:5. find the ratio of their areas.
      (A) 5 : 2 
      (B) 5 : 2 
      (C) 4 : 25
      (D) 5 : 4 
A starts business with Rs.
3500 and after 5 months, B joins with A as his partner. After a year, the
profit is divided in the ratio 2:3. What is B’s contribution in the capital
      (A) 1000 
      (B) 10000
      (C) 12000
      (D) 9000 
6.   In a set of three numbers,
the average of first two numbers is 2, the average of the last two numbers is
3, and the average of the first and the last numbers is 4. What is the average
of three numbers?
      (A) 2
      (B) 2.5
      (C) 3
      (D) 3.5

7.   A vendor sells 60 percent of
apples he had and throws away 15 percent of the remainder. Next day he sells 50
percent of the remainder and throws away the rest. What percent of his apples
does the vendor throw?
      (A) 17
      (B) 23
      (C) 77
      (D) None of these

When processing
flower-nectar into honeybees’ extract, a considerable amount of water gets
reduced. How much flower-nectar must be processed to yield 1kg of honey, if
nectar contains 50% water, and the honey obtained from this nectar contains 15%
      (A) 1.5 kgs
      (B) 1.7 kgs
      (C) 3.33 kgs
      (D) None of these

9.   Gauri went to the stationers
and bought things worth Rs. 25, out of which 30 paise went on sales tax on
taxable purchases. If the tax rate was 6%, then what was the cost of the tax
free items?
      (A) Rs. 15
      (B) Rs. 15.70
      (C) Rs. 19.70
      (D) Rs. 20

If the price of petrol
increases by 25%, by how much must a user cut down his consumption so that his
expenditure on petrol remains constant?
      (A) 25%
      (B) 16.67%
      (C) 20%
      (D) 33.33%

with Explanation:-
1.    (B)

2.    (C)
are given with length and area, so we can find the breadth.
as Length x Breadth = Area
=> 20 x Breadth = 680
=> Breadth = 34 feet
Area to be fenced = 2B + L = 2 x 34 + 20
= 88 feet

3.    (B)
I = Rs. ((1200 ×10 ×1)/100) = Rs. 120
(C) I. = Rs.   = Rs. 123.
Difference = Rs. 3

4.    (C)
the diagonals of the squares be 2x and 5x.
Then ratio of their areas will be
Area of square=(1/2) x Diagonal2
(1/2 ) x 2x^2 : (1/2) x 5x^2
 4x^2 :25x^2 = 4:25

5.    (D)
      Let B contribution is x.
(3500 x 12) /7x=2/3 =>14x=126000=>x=Rs9000

6.    (C)

7.    (B)

8.    (B)
      Flower-nectar contains 50% of non-water
      In honey this non-water part constitutes
85% (100-15).
      Therefore 0.5 X Amount of flower-nectar =
0.85 X Amount of honey = 0.85 X 1 kg
Therefore amount of flower-nectar needed = .85/.5*1= 1.7 kgs

      Let the amount taxable purchases be Rs. x.
      Then, 6% of x=30/100
      x=30/100*100/6 = 5
Cost of tax free items = Rs. [25 – (5 + 0.30)] = Rs. 19.70

10. (C)

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  1. U know kumarr I HV cleared tier 1 BT my marks are not too good thts y I m focusing on 2015 cgl I want 2 get good post in futre

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  8. 1. first of all substract 15% from one kg honey becase it is water honey remains 850gm
    2. now check which option is 850 gm after substracting 50% of it
    3. you will see if you substract 50% of 1.7 kg it remains 850gm

  9. If ur marks are more than Gen category cutoff then first u ll b considered for gen category.

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