Q2. A boat covers 12 km upstream and 18 km downstream in 3 hours, while it covers 36 km upstream and 24 km downstream in 61/2 hours. What is the speed of the current?
(a) 1.5 km/hr
(b) 1 km/hr
(c) 2 km/hr
(d) 2.5 km/hr

Q3. If the HCF of two positive integers is 26. Then, their LCM cannot be
(a) 78
(b) 104
(c) 144
(d) 234
S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. LCM of the numbers is always divisible by the HCF of the same numbers. 
So, 78, 104 and 234 are all divisible by 26.
Whereas, 144 is not divisible by 26.

Thus, 144 cannot be the LCM of the numbers whose HCF is 26.

Q4. A man borrowed Rs. 10 and promised to pay back in 11 equal monthly instalments of Rs. 1 each. Find rate of simple interest per annum?
(a) 20%
(b) 219/11%
(c) 91/11%
(d) 10%

Q6. Find the compound interest of Rs. 16000 for 3 years. If the rate of interest is 5% for first year, 6% for second and 61/4% for third year.
(a) Rs. 2385
(b) Rs. 2921
(c) Rs. 2941
(d) Rs. 3131

Q7. The area of a triangle is 216 cm^2 and its sides are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. The perimeter of the triangle is:
(a) 6 cm
(b) 12 cm
(c) 36 cm
(d) 72 cm

Q8. The sum of the present ages of A and B is 60 years. Also 12 years ago, the ratio of the ages of A and B was 5 : 4. Find the present age of A.
(a) 28 years
(b) 32 years
(c) 18 years
(d) 42 years

Q9. If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Randheer and the remainder is divided by 18, then the present age of his grandson Anup is obtained. If Anup is 2 years younger to Mahesh whose age is 5 years, then what is the age of Randheer?
(a) 96 years
(b) 84 years
(c) 48 years
(d) 60 years

S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Age of Manish = 5 years
Age of Anup = 3 years
by option (d) only option (d) is satisfy.

Q10. A and B started a business with capital in the ratio 3 : 2. They donated 5% of their profit in a charitable trust. A got ‘855 as a profit. Find their total profit.
(a) Rs. 1600
(b) Rs. 1400
(c) Rs. 1500
(d) Rs. 1700

Q11. A and B rent a pasture for 10 months and A puts in 90 oxen for 7 months. How many oxen can B put in for the remaining 3 months, if he pays half as much as A?
(a) 105
(b) 110
(c) 115
(d) 120

Q13. The length of two parallel sides of a trapezium are 15 cm and 20 cm. If its area is 175 sq. cm, then its height is:
(a) 25 cm
(b) 10 cm
(c) 20 cm
(d) 15 cm


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