Quant Quiz for SSC CGL and Railways

 Dear Readers,We are providing you a Quants Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 and Railways, SSC CPO ,SSC CHSL.

1.The distance between two stations A and B is 220 km. A train leaves A towards B at an average speed of 80 km/hr. After half a hour, another train leaves B towards A at an average speed of 100 km/hr. The distance of the point where the two trains meet, from A is :
(a) 120 km           
(b) 130 km
(c) 140 km           
(d) 150 km

2.A cart has to cover a distance of 80 km in 10 hours. If it covers half of the journey in (3/5)th time, what should be its speed to cover the remaining distance in the time left ?
(a) 8 km/hr       
(b) 20 km/hr
(c) 6.4 km/hr       
(d) 10 km/hr.

3.The average age of 12 players of a team is 25 yr. If the captain’s age is included, the average age increases by 1 yr. The age of the captain is?
(a) 25 yr            
(b) 38 yr
(c) 36 yr            
(d) 26 yr

4.If a sum of money is to be divided among A, B and Csuch that A’s share is equal to twice B’s share and B’sshare is 4 times C’s share, then their shares are in theratio?
(a) 1:2:4            
(b) 1:4:1
(c) 8:4:1            
(d) 2:4:1

5.A book seller bought 200 text books for Rs. 12000. He wanted to sell them at a profit so that he got 20 books free. At what profit per cent should he sell them?
(a) 10%            
(b) 11%
(c) 11.5%            
(d) 12%

6.A sum of Rs 731 is distributed among A, B and C, such that A receives 25% more than B and B receives 25% less than C. What is C’s share in the amount?
(a) Rs 172                         
(b) Rs 200                 
(c) Rs 262                          
(d) Rs 272

7.Three sets of English, Mathematics and Science bookscontaining 336, 240, 96 books respectively have to bestacked in such a way that all the books are stored subjectwise and the height of each stack is the same. Totalnumber of stacks will be?
(a) 14    
(b) 21       
(c) 22        
(d) 48

8.In an examination, 60% of the candidates passed in English and 70% of the candidates passed in Mathematics, but 20% failed in both of these subjects. If 2500 candidates passed in both the subjects, the number of candidates that appeared at the examination was?
(a) 3000            
(b) 3500
(c) 4000            
(d) 5000

9.After measuring 120 m of a rope, it was discovered that the measuring metre rod was 3 cm longer. The true length of the rope measured is?
(a) 121 m 20 cm        
(b) 123 m 60 cm
(c) 123 m            
(d) 116 m 40 cm

10.The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2. If 20% of the boys and 30% of the girls are scholarship holders, then the percentage of students, who do not get scholarship is?
(a) 50            
(b) 72
(c) 75            
(d) 76

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