Q1. A boy walking at a speed of 10 km/h reaches his school 12 min late. Next time at a speed of 15 km/h reaches his school 7 min late. Find the distance of his school from his house?  

Q2. A boat travels 30 km upstream in 5 hours and 100 km downstream in 10 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the stream in km/hr.
(a) 8,  3
(b) 8, 2
(c) 7 ,2
(d) 6,3

Q3. The speed of a boat in still water is 15 km/h and the rate of stream is 5 km/h. The distance travelled downstream in 24 minutes is 
(a) 4 km
(b) 8 km
(c) 6 km
(d) 16 km

Q4. Mohan covers a distance of 150 m in a certain time. If he increases his speed to 4 times his original speed, the time taken reduces by 30 seconds. Find the original time taken.
(a) 35 seconds 
(b) 40 seconds 
(c) 38 seconds 
(d) 45 seconds 

Q5. A boy walks from his home to school at 9 kmph, reaches the school 12 minutes early. If he walks from his home to school at 6 kmph, he reaches the school 6 minutes late. Find the time taken by him to go to school if he walks at 12 kmph.
(a) 40 minutes 
(b) 20 minutes 
(c) 45 minutes 
(d) 27 minutes 

Q6. The annual payment that will discharge a debt of Rs. 47250 due 3 years, hence at the rate of 5% simple interest is:  
(a) Rs. 8000
(b) Rs. 10000
(c) Rs. 15000
(d) None of these 

Q7. The annual installment that will discharge a debt of Rs. 4200 due in 5 years at 10% simple interest is:   
(a) Rs. 700
(b) Rs. 750 
(c) Rs. 800
(d) None of these 

Q8. A sum of money at simple interest becomes four times in 24 years. The rate per cent of interest per annum is:  
(a) 13 (3/4)%
(b) 12 (1/2)%
(c) 11 (3/4)%
(d) None of these 

Q9. If a sum of Rs. 9 is lent to be paid back in 10 equal monthly instalments of Rs. 1 each, then the rate of interest is:    
(a) 266 (2/3)%
(b) 265 (3/4)%
(c) 266%
(d) None of these 

Q10. Mr Gupta deposits Rs. 3000 in a bank at 10% per annum and Rs. 5000 in another bank at 8% per annum. The rate of interest for the whole sum is:   
(a) 8 1/2%
(b) 8 3/4%
(c) 8%
(d) None of these 

Q11. What will be the difference between simple and compound interest on a sum of Rs. 4500 put for 2 years at 5% per annum? 
(a) Rs. 12.25 
(b) Rs. 11.50
(c) Rs. 12
(d) Rs. 11.25 

Q12. Three pots have the same volume. The ratio of milk and water in first, second and third pots are 3 : 2, 7 : 3 and 11 : 4, respectively. If the liquid of three pots are mixed, then the ratio of milk and water in the mixture is:  
(a) 61 : 29  
(b) 61 : 30 
(c) 5 : 4
(d) 29 : 61

Q13. If p : q = r : s :: t : u = 2 : 3, then (mp + nr + ot) : (mq + ns + ou) is equal to:  
(a) 1 : 3
(b) 1 : 2 
(c) 2 : 3 
(d) 3 : 2 

Q14. If a : b = 2 : 3 and b : c = 4 : 5, find a^2:b^2:bc:  
(a) 4:9:45
(b) 16:36:45
(c) 16:36:20
(d) 4:36:20

Q15. In a class, there are z students. Out of them, x are boys. What part of the class is composed of girls?  
(a) x/z
(b) z/x 
(c) 1-x/z
(d) x/z-1


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