Quant Questions (Speed distance and time) for SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC

Q1. A train travelling with uniform speed crosses two bridges of lengths 300 m and 240 m in 21 seconds and 18 seconds respectively. The speed of the train is:    
(a) 72 km/hr
(b) 40.5 km/hr
(c) 41 km/hr
(d) 42 km/hr

Q2. A train running at 7/11 of its own speed reached a place in 22 hours. How much time could be saved if the train would run at its own speed?  
(a) 14 hours
(b) 7 hours
(c) 8 hours
(d) 16 hours

Q3. After travelling 25 km the speed of the car increases by 1/4th of its original speed, due to this the car reaches 30 minutes earlier to its destination. If the speed of the car increased 10 km before, then it reaches to its destination 32 (2/5) minutes earlier. Then find the speed of car (km/hr)
(a) 200
(b) 250
(c) 140
(d) 165

Q4. A officer goes to office from his home, which is 8 km apart. His speed is 4 km/h. after 5 min he feels  that he left some important documents at home. He returns to home and now he travels some fast speed towards the office, and reaches office on time. Find his increase speed? 
(a) 4 (4/11) km/h
(b) 4 (9/11) km/hr
(c) 3 (8/11) km/hr
(d) 4 km/hr

Q5. Two motorists met at 10 a.m. at the Dadar railway station. After their meeting, one of them proceeded in the East direction while the other proceeded in North direction. Exactly at noon, they were 60 km apart. Find the speed of the slower motorist if the difference of their speeds is 6 km/h:
(a) 28 km/h
(b) 18 km/h
(c) 9 km/h
(d) 19 km/h

Q6. P and Q are 27 km away. Two trains with speeds of 24 km/hr and 18 km/hr respectively start simultaneously from P and Q and travel in the same direction. They meet at a point R beyond Q. Distance QR is:  
(a) 126 km
(b) 81 km
(c) 48 km
(d) 36 km

Q7. An ant moved for several seconds and covered 3 min in the first second and 4 mm more in each successive second than in its predecessor. If the ant had covered 1 mm in the first second and 8 mm more in each successive, then the difference between the path it would be more than 6 mm but less than 30 mm. Find the time for which seconds the ant moved 
(a) 5th s
(b) 4th s
(c) 6th s
(d) 2nd  s

Q8. Bhuvnesh goes to his office by scooter at a speed of 30 km/h and reaches 6 minutes earlier. If he goes at a speed of 24 km/h, he reaches 5 minutes late. Then distance of his office is:   
(a) 20 km
(b) 21 km
(c) 22 km
(d) 24 km

Q9. Bhuvnesh travels 79 km in 13 hours. Some part of the total distance he travelled on foot at a speed of 5 km/h and the remaining distance travelled by cycle at a speed of 7 km/h. Then find the distance travelled by the cycle?   
(a) 49 km
(b) 98 km
(c) 147 km
(d) 14 km

Q10. A covers a distance of 1 km in 4 m 54 sec and B in 5 min. In a race of 1000 km, at what distance B should stand ahead of A so that both reach the last point together?  
(a) 20 km
(b) 16 km
(c) 18 km
(d) 14.5 km

Q11. A can give 40 metres start to B and 70 metres to C in a race of one kilometre. How many metres start can B give to C in a race of one kilometre?  
(a) 30 metre
(b) 31 (1/4) metre
(c) 31 (3/)4 metre
(d) 32 metre

Q12. A and B run a 5 km race on a round course of 400 m. If their speeds are in the ratio of 5 : 4, the number of times, the winner passes the other is:  
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 5

Q13. A man travels a distance of 24 km at 6 kmph another distance of 24 km at 8 kmph and a third distance of 24 km at 12 kmph. His average speed for the whole journey (in kmph) is:  
(a) 8 (2/3)
(b) 8
(c) 2 (10/13)
(d) 9

Q14. The distance form Chennai to Bangalore is covered by Express train at 100 km/hr. If it returns to the same distance at 80 km/hr, then the average speed during the whole journey is:  
(a) 90.20 km/hr
(b) 88.78 km/hr
(c) 88.98 km/hr
(d) 88.89 km/hr

Q15. The train A left Pune at noon sharp. Two hours later, another train B started from Pune in the same direction. The train B overtook the train A at 8 p.m. Find the average speed of the two trains over this journey if the sum of their average speeds is 70 km/h.  
(a) 34.28 km/h
(b) 35 km/h
(c) 50 km/h
(d) 12 km/h


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