Advanced Quant Quiz For SSC CGL TIER II 2016 2 oct

Q1. The demand in year 1996 and 1997 taken together is approximately what percent of the total production in year 1994 and 1998?
(a) 140%
(b) 150%
(c) 145%
(d) 142%
Q2. What is the difference between the average demand and the average production over the year?
(a) 372
(b) 275
(c) 277
(d) 270
Q3. What is the ratio of the years having more demand than production to those having more production than demand?
(a) 3:5
(b) 4:3
(c) 2:1
(d) 1:2

Q4. The production in year 1995 is what percentage of demand in year 1999?
(a) 70%
(b) 72%
(c) 75%
(d) 68%
Q5. The production in year 1994 is approximately what % of the demand in year 1996?
(a) 40%
(b) 65%
(c) 60%

(d) 67%

Q7. If two circle of radii 9 cm and 4 cm touch each other. What is the length of transverse tangent. If both the circle touches externally.
Q8. If P, R, T are the area of a parallelogram, a rhombus and a triangle standing on the same base and between the same parallels line, which of the following true.
(a) R < P < T
(b) P > R > T
(c) R = P = T
(d) R = P = 2T
Q9. The radius of the circumcircle of the triangle made by x-axis and 4x + 3y = 12 is,
(a) 2.5 unit
(b) 3.5 unit
(c) 3 unit
(d) 4.5 unit
Q10. A and B are centres of the two circles whose radii are 5 cm and 2 cm respectively. The direct common tangent to the circle meet AB extended at P. Then P divides AB
(a) externally in the ratio  5 : 2
(b) internally in the ratio  2 : 5
(c) internally in the ratio  5 : 2
(d) externally in the ratio  7 : 2
Q11. it is given than a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram. What kind of figure must be ABCD?
(a) trapezium
(b) Rectangle
(c) square
(d) none of these

Q13. A triangle with sides of length 5, 12 and 13 has both a circumscribed circle and an inscribed circle. What is the distance (to the nearest integer) between the centers of circum-circle and in-circle?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6


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