Must-Do Questions of Arithmetic for SSC CGL Tier-II 2016

Q1. The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 15 and the difference between the digits is 3. What is the two-digit number?
(a) 69 
(b) 78
(c) 96
(d) Cannot be determined 

Q2. Father’s age is three times more than his son Ronit. After 8 years, he would be two and a half times of Ronit’s age. After further 8 years, how many times he would be of Ronit’s age?
(a) 2 times  
(b) 2 1/2 times 
(c) 2 3/4 times 
(d) 3 times 
Q3. Mr. Jones gave 40% of the money he had, to his wife. He also gave 20% of the remaining amount to each of his three sons. Half of the amount now left was spent on miscellaneous items and the remaining amount of Rs. 12,000 was deposited in the bank. How much money did Mr. Jones have initially?
(a) 120000
(b) 110000
(c) 100000
(d) 150000
Q4. Milk contains 5% water. What quantity of pure milk should be added to 10 litres of milk to reduce this to 2%?
(a) 5 litres  
(b) 7 litres 
(c) 15 litres 
(d) None of these 
Q5. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 7 : 8. If the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls be 20% and 10% respectively. What will be the new ratio?
(a) 8: 9  
(b) 17: 18
(c) 21: 22
(d) Cannot be determined 
Q6. Divide Rs 671 among A, B, C such that if their shares be increased by Rs 3, Rs 7 and Rs 9 respectively, the new shares shall be in the ratio 1: 2: 3.
(a) Rs 112, Rs 223, Rs 336 
(b) Rs 114, Rs 221, Rs 336
(c) Rs 112, Rs 227, Rs 332
(d) Rs 114, Rs 223, Rs 334 
Q7. A and B are two alloys of gold and copper prepared by mixing metals in the ratio 7 : 2 and 7 : 11 respectively. If equal quantities of the alloys are melted to form a third alloy C, the ratio of gold and copper in C will be:
(a) 5 : 7 
(b) 5 : 9 
(c) 7 : 5
(d) 9 : 5 
Q8. A contractor employed 25 laborers on a job. He paid Rs 275 for the work. After retaining 20% of this sum, he distributed the remaining amount amongst the laborers. If the number of male to female laborers was in the ratio 2 : 3 and their wages in the ratio 5 : 4, what wages did a female laborer get?
(a) Rs 15 
(b) Rs 8
(c) Rs 14
(d) Rs 10 
Q9. If the cost of using air conditioner is directly proportional to the time for which it is used, inversely proportional to the number of stars given to it and directly proportional to its power in terms of tonns. It cost Rs 150 if a 2 star air conditioner of 2 tonns is used for 10 hrs. Then how much will it cost if a 3 star air conditioner of 1.5 tonns is used for 8 hours. 
(a) Rs 80 
(b) Rs 50
(c) Rs 100
(d) Rs 60 
Q13. A, B, C and D are four consecutive even numbers respectively and their averaged is 65. What is the product of A and D?
(a) 3968 
(b) 4216
(c) 4092
(d) 4352
Q14. The average of four numbers A, B, C and D is 40. The average of four numbers A, B, E and F is also 40. (A, B are common). Which of the following must be true?
(a) (A + B)≠(C+D)  
(b) (C + D) = (E + F)
(c) Either C = E, or F; and D = F = or E
(d) C = E = and D = F 
Q15. At present Ayushi is eight times her daughter’s age. Eight years from now, the ratio of the ages of Ayushi and her daughter will be 10: 3 respectively. What is Ayushi’s present age?
(a) 32 years
(b) 40 years
(c) 36 years
(d) Can’t say


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