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Science (Mixed) Quiz Based on NCERT for SSC 2016 Quiz

Science (Mixed) Quiz Based on NCERT for SSC 2016 Quiz_40.1
Q1. An electric fuse can prevent accidents arising from-
(a) An overload as well as well as short circuit
(b) A short circuit but not due to overload
(c) Neither an overload nor a short circuit.
(d) An overload but not due to short circuit.

Q2. Which materials are used to make permanent magnets? 
(a) Tungsten steel
(b) Carbon steel, chromium steal
(c) Alnico, Nipermag
(d) All of these 

Q3. Why does short circuit lead to the fuse wire burning?
(a) When current in the circuit abruptly increases
(b) When live wire comes in contact with the neutral line
(c) Both of these 
(d) None of these

Q4. Which of the following metal reacts neither with cold water nor with hot water but reacts heated steam to produce hydrogen gas?
(a) Na
(b) Fe
(c) Ca
(d) Mg

Q5. Statement A : The electrical conductivity and m.p of an alloy is less than that of pure metals. 
Statement B : Different metals have same reactivity with water and dilute acids.
(a) Statement B is true, A is false
(b) Statement A is true, B is false
(c) Both the statement A and B are true
(d) Neither the statement A nor Statement B is true
Q6. Why HNO3 is a strong acid?
(a) It doesn’t dissociates into ions at all
(b) It dissociates partially in aqueous soln.
(c) It dissociates completely in aqueous soln
(d) None of these
Q7. Which component of blood transports, carbon dioxide and nitrogenous wastes in dissolved form?
(a) Platelets
(b) WBC
(c) Plasma
(d) RBC

Q8. Which organ involved in the process of ingestion in the case of Amoeba?
(a) Tentacles
(b) Pseudopodia 
(c) Tongue
(d) None of these

Q9. Name a body part where anaerobic respiration takes place?
(a) Protoplasm
(b) cytoplasm 
(c) Mitochondria
(d) Chloroplast

Q10. Kreb’s cycle is a part of which of the following process?
(a) Fermentation
(b) Aerobic respiration 
(c) Glycoysis
(d) Anaerobic respiration
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