Mixed Quant Questions for SSC CGL Exams-2017

Dear Students, SSC has released the notification for CGL 2017. This time again the competition is going to be very stiff. Questions from Quant are asked in Tier-1 and Tier-II as well. Hence, you need to focus on this subject more. The only trick to master Quant is “practice‘. So, Practice daily. We are providing topic-wise quant quizzes, solve, learn, succeed.

Q1. A takes three times as long as B and C together to do a job. B takes four times as long as A and C together to do the work. If all the three, working together can complete the job in 24 days, then the number of days, A alone will take to finish the job is:
(a) 100
(b) 96
(c) 95
(d) 90

Q2. A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days which B and C together can do in 16 days. After A has been working at it for 5 days and B for 7 days, C finishes it in 13 days. In how many days B could finish the work?
(a) 48 days
(b) 24 days
(c) 16 days
(d) 12 days

Q3. If 6 men and 8 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days and 26 men and 48 boys can do the same in 2 days, then the time taken by 15 men and 20 boys to do the same type of work will be:
(a) 5 days
(b) 4 days
(c) 6 days
(d) 7 days

Q4. B takes 10 days less than the time taken by A to finish a piece of work. If both A and B can do it in 12 days, then the time taken by A alone to finish the work is
(a) 30 days
(b) 27 days
(c) 20 days
(d) 25 days

Q5. Two trains A and B start simultaneously in the opposite direction from two points A and B and arrive at their destinations 9 and 4 hours respectively after their meeting each other. At what rate does the second train B travel if the first train travels at 80 km per hour.
(a) 60 km/h
(b) 100 km/h
(c) 120 km/h
(d) 80 km/h

Q6. A train requires 7 seconds to pass a pole while it requires 25 seconds to cross a stationary train which is 378 metres long. Find the speed of the train.
(a) 75.6 km/h
(b) 75.4 km/h
(c) 76.2 km/h
(d) 21 km/h

Q7. A motorboat whose speed in still water is 10 km/h went 91 km downstream and then returned to its starting point. Calculate the speed of the river flow if the round trip took a total of 20 hours.
(a) 3 km/h
(b) 4 km/h
(c) 6 km/h
(d) 8 km/h

Q8. A bus left point X for point Y. Two hours later a car left point X for Y and arrived at Y at the same time as the bus. If the car and the bus left simultaneously from the opposite ends X and Y towards each other, they would meet 1.33 hours after the start. How much time did it take the bus to travel from X to Y?
(a) 2 h
(b) 4 h
(c) 6 h
(d) 8 h  

Q9. In a race of 100 m, A gives a start of 10 m to B. Despite this, A wins the race by 20 m. What is the ratio of the speed of A and B?
(a) 10: 7
(b) 8: 2
(c) 5: 3
(d) 6: 4
S9. Ans.(a)

Sol. Time taken by A to cover 70 m = Time taken by B to cover 100 m
Since the distance is constant, the ratio of speed of A and B = 10 : 7

Q10. A car travels from Patna to Gaya at a speed of 65 km/h in one hour. If the speed is reduced by 15 km/h then, how much more time will the car take to cover the same distance?
(a) 12 minutes
(b) 16 minutes
(c) 18 minutes
(d) 44 minutes

Q11. A train of length 200 m crosses a pole in 15 s and crosses a platform in 60 s. What is the length of the platform?
(a) 450 m
(b) 600 m
(c) 800 m
(d) None of these

Q12. A train 800 metres long is running at the speed of 78 km/hr. If it crosses a tunnel in a 1 minute, then the length of the tunnel (in metres) is:
(a) 77200
(b) 500
(c) 1300
(d) 13 

Q13. A train 180 m long moving at the speed of 20 m/sec. over-takes a man moving at a speed of 10 m/sec in the same direction. The train passes the man in:
(a) 6 sec
(b) 9 sec
(c) 18 sec
(d) 27 sec

Q14. A train passes two persons walking in the same direction at a speed of 3 km/hour and 5 km/hour respectively in 10 seconds and 11 seconds respectively. The speed of the train is
(a) 28 km/hour
(b) 27 km/hour
(c) 25 km/hour
(d) 24 km/hour

Q15. A passenger train 150 m long is travelling with a speed of 36 km/hr. If a man is cycling in the direction of train at 9 km/hr., the time taken by the train to pass the man is
(a) 10 sec
(b) 15 sec
(c) 18 sec
(d) 20 sec


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