Previous Year Questions of Geometry for SSC CGL Tier-II 2016 Exam

Q1. If the two diagonals of a rhombus are 72 cm and 30 cm respectively, then find its perimeter.   
(a) 156 cm 
(b) 164 cm 
(c) 172 cm 
(d) None of these 

Q2. In a parallelogram, the lengths of adjacent sides are 12 cm and 14 cm, respectively. If the length of one diagonal is 16 cm, then find the length of the other diagonal.  
(a) 24.8 cm 
(b) 20.6 cm 
(c) 22.4 cm 
(d) None of these 
Q3. The wheel of a scooter has diameter 70 cm. How many revolutions per minute must the wheel make so that the speed of the scooter is kept 66 km/h?  
(a) 400
(b) 600
(c) 500
(d) 800 
Q4. 2 small circular parks of diameters 16 m, 12 m are to be replaced by a bigger circular park. What would be the radius of this new park, if the new park occupies same space as the two small parks? 
(a) 10
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 25
Q5. The area of a trapezium is 2500 m2. One of its parallel sides is 75 m. If the distance between the two parallel sides is 40 m. then find the length of the other parallel side. 
(a) 20 m 
(b) 30 m 
(c) 40 m 
(d) 50 m
Q6. A rope by which a calf is tied is increased from 12 m to 23 m. How much additional grassy ground shall it graze?  
(a) 1120 m2
(b) 1250 m2
(c) 1210 m2
(d) 1200 m2
Q7. The area of a sector of a circle of radius 5 cm, formed by an arc of length 3.5 cm, is:  
(a) 35 cm2
(b) 17.5 cm2 
(c) 8.75 cm2
(d) 55 cm2
Q8. If the radius of one circle is twelve times the radius of another, how many times does the area of greater contain the area of the smaller?  
(a) 12
(b) 72
(c) 144
(d) 96
Q9. A rectangular carpet has an area of 60 m2. Its diagonal and longer side together equal 5 times the shorter side. The length of the carpet is:   
(a) 5 m 
(b) 13 m 
(c) 14.5 m 
(d) 12 m 

Q10. 2 poles 15 m and 30 m high stand upright in a playground. If their feet be 36 m apart, find the distance between their tops. 
(a) 36 m
(b) 39 m 
(c) 15 m 
(d) None of these 

Q11. If a diagonal of a square is doubled, how does the area of the square change? 
(a) Becomes 4-fold 
(b) Becomes 3-fold 
(c) Becomes 2-fold 
(d) None of these 
Q12. If the length of the diagonal of a rhombus is 80% of the length of the other diagonal, the area of the rhombus is how many times the square of the length of the longer diagonal?  
(a) 4/5
(b) 2/5
(c) 3/4
(d) 1/4
Q13. The area of the circle inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side 24 cm is:  
(a) 24 π cm^2
(b) 36 π cm^2 
(c) 48 π cm^2
(d) 18 π cm^2
Q15. In an equilateral triangle of side 24 cm, a circle is inscribed touching its sides. The area of the remaining portion of the triangle is (√3=1.732):
(a) 98.55 cm2
(b) 100 cm2 
(c) 101 cm2
(d) 95 cm2 


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