Science Quiz for SSC CHSL 2016

Q1. The transfer of minerals from top soil to subsoil through soil water is called?
(a) Percolation
(b) Conduction
(c) Leaching
(d) Transpiration

Q2. Heat is transmitted from higher temperature to lower temperature through the actual motion of the molecules in
(a) Conduction
(b) Convection
(c) Radiation
(d) Both conduction and convection

Q3. Polio is caused by
(a) Bacteria
(b) Virus
(c) Fungus
(d) Protozoa

Q4. In bio fortification technique plant breeders use breeding to overcome
(a) Loss due to insect pests
(b) Decrease in food production
(c) Deficiencies of micronutrients and vitamins
(d) Loss due to plant diseases

Q5. Morphology of Chromosomes can be best studied at ______
(a) Interphase
(b) Prophase
(c) Metaphase
(d) Zygotene

Q6. The ‘Choke’ used with a tube light is basically ____
(a) an inductor
(b) a capacitor
(c) a transformer
(d) a resistor

Q7. Curie is an unit of _______
(a) Radioactivity
(b) energy of Gamma rays
(c) intensity of Gamma rays
(d) work function

Q8. For extinguishing fire, we use______
(a) Hydrogen
(b) Carbon Monoxide
(c) Carbon Dioxide
(d) Marsh gas

Q9. The chemical name of quartz is ______
(a) Calcium oxide
(b) Calcium phosphate
(c) Sodium phosphate
(d) Sodium silicate

Q10. Which of the following cannot be emitted by radioactive substances during their decay? 
(a) Electrons
(b) Protons
(c) Neutrons
(d) Helium

Q11. Which waves are used in Sonography?
(a) Microwaves
(b) Sound waves
(c) Infrared waves
(d) Ultrasonic waves

Q12. Group displacement law was given by–
(a) Bacquerel
(b) Rutherford
(c) Mendeleev
(d) Soddy and Fajan

Q13. The first indication that a stable nucleus can be broken down was afforded by–
(a) Rutherford 
(b) Madam Curie
(c) Soddy
(d) Schmidt

Q14. The pacemaker of heart is—
(a) Bundle of His
(b) S A node
(c) AV node
(d) Purkinje fibres

Q15. Duodenum is a part of which of the following?
(a) brain
(b) intestines 
(c) liver
(d) lungs




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