Special Quant Quiz (Allegation & Mixture Based on TRICKS) SSC CGL Tier-II 2016

Q1. How much water to be added to 14 liters of milk worth Rs. 5.40 a litre so that the value of the mixture may be Rs. 4.20 a litre? 
(a) 7 liters
(b) 6 liters
(c) 5 liters
(d) 4 liters

Q2. Some amount out of Rs. 7000 was lent at 6% p.a. and the remaining at 4% p.a. If the total simple interest from both the fractions in 5 years was Rs. 1600, the sum lent at 6% p.a. was:  
(a) Rs. 3000
(b) Rs. 4000
(c) Rs. 5000
(d) Rs. 2000

Q3. In what proportion water must be added to spirit to gain 20% by selling it at the cost price?  
(a) 1: 5
(b) 2: 5
(c) 3: 5
(d) 4: 5

Q4. A person has a chemical of Rs. 25 per litre. In what ratio should water be mixed in that chemical, so that after selling the mixture at Rs. 20 litre he may get a profit of 25%? 
(a) 13 : 16
(b) 16 : 9
(c) 12 : 15
(d) 19 : 22

Q5. A trader has 50 kg of pulses, part of which he sells at 8% profit and the rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. What is the quantity sold at 18% profit?   
(a) 30 kg
(b) 25 kg
(c) 20 kg
(d) 40 kg

Q6. A tea seller mixes two kinds of tea one at Rs. 15 kg and other at Rs. 20 per kg. In what ratio should he mix them to get the price of mixture at Rs. 16.50 per kg? 
(a) 8 : 3
(b) 5 : 7
(c) 7 : 3
(d) 7 : 5

Q7. A jar full of whisky contains 40% of alcohol. A part of this whisky is replaced by another containing 19% alcohol and, now the percentage of alcohol was found to be 26. The quantity of whisky replaced is: 
(a) 2/5
(b) 1/3
(c) 2/3
(d) 3/5

Q8. A solution of sugar syrup has 15% sugar. Another solution has 5% sugar. How many litres of the second solution must be added to 20 litres of the first solution to make a solution of 10% sugar?  
(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 15
(d) 20

Q9. The wheat sold by a grocer contained 10% low quantity wheat. What quantity of good quality wheat should be added to 150 kg of wheat so that the percentage of low quality wheat become 5%? 
(a) 150 kg
(b) 135 kg
(c) 50 kg
(d) 85 kg

Q10. A petrol pump owner mixed leaded and unleaded petrol in such a way such that the mixture contains 10% unleaded petrol. What quantity of leaded petrol should be added to 1 litre mixture, so that the percentage of unleaded petrol becomes 5%? 
(a) 1000 ml
(b) 900 ml
(c) 1900 ml
(d) 1800 ml

Q11. Kantilal mixes 80 kg of sugar worth of Rs. 6.75 per kg with 120 kg worth of Rs. 8 per kg. At what rate shall he sell the mixture to gain 20%?  
(a) Rs. 7.50
(b) Rs. 9
(c) Rs. 8.20
(d) Rs. 8.85

Q12. A grocer purchased 20 kg of rice at the rate of Rs. 15 per kg and 30 kg of rice at the rate of 13 per kg. At what price per kg should he sell the mixture to earn 100/3% profit on the cost price?  
(a) Rs. 28.00
(b) Rs. 20.00
(c) Rs. 18.40
(d) Rs. 17.40

Q13. 20 litres of a mixture contains 20% alcohol and the rest is water. If 4 litres of water be mixed in it, the percentage of alcohol in the new mixture will be:  
Q14. A mixture contains 80% acid and rest water. Part of the mixture that should be removed and replaced by same amount of water to make the ratio of acid and water 4 : 3 is: 
(a) 1/3  rd
(b) 3/7  th

(c) 2/3  rd 

(d) 2/7 th

Q15. 40 litres of mixture of milk and water contains 10% of water. The water to be added to make the water content 20% in the new mixture is: 
(a) 6 litres 
(b) 6.5 litres 
(c) 5.5 litres 
(d) 5 litres 

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