Quantitative Aptitude For SSC CGL,CHSL : 28th January 2020 for Profit & loss

Q1. Ankit has 60 mangoes. He sells x of them at a profit of 23% and remaining at a loss of 17%. He gains 17% on the whole outlay. The value of x is-
(a) 34
(b) 39
(c) 51
(d) 45

Q2. A confectionery shopkeeper sold a toothpaste at a profit of 15.6%. If he had bought it at 13% less and sold it at 42% profit, he would have earned Rs. 674.9 more as profit. Cost price of the toothpaste is
(a) Rs. 7800
(b) Rs. 8500
(c) Rs. 7500
(d) Rs. 8800

Q3. Arun is a working partner and Pankaj is a sleeping partner in a business. Arun puts in Rs. 6500 and Pankaj puts in Rs. 4525. Arun receives 11.8% of the profit for managing the business and the rest is divided in proportion to their capitals. What does each get out of a profit of Rs. 5500?
(a) Rs. 3850 and Rs. 1650
(b) Rs. 3509 and Rs. 1991
(c) Rs. 3641 and Rs. 1859
(d) Rs. 2365 and Rs. 2135

Q4. S and T are partners in a business. S contributed 1/3 of total the capital for 9 months and T received 2/5 of the profits. For how long was T’s money used in the business?
(a) 4 months
(b) 3 months
(c) 2 months
(d) 5 months

Q5. A sapphire stone was bought for Rs.2600 at Jaipur. A sum of Rs.2500 was spent on making a ring with the sapphire stone. It was marked for sale of Delhi for Rs. 9800. If a discount of 23% was given, then the percentage profit or loss made was:
(a) 47.56%
(b) 39.5%
(c) 47.96%
(d) 43.56%

Q6. A person bought 85 horses and sold 35 horses at 27% profit, 40 horses at 17% profit and remaining 10 horses at 13% profit and got a profit of Rs.12285 as a whole. The cost price of each Horse is:
(a) Rs.850
(b) Rs.700
(c) Rs.720
(d) Rs.800

Q7. Awani and Bimesh invest in a business in the ratio 5 : 4. If 10% of the total profit goes to charity and remaining profit share is calculated according to their investment and Awani’s profit share is Rs. 7500, then the total profit is-
(a) Rs. 7500
(b) Rs. 10,000
(c) Rs. 12,000
(d) Rs. 15,000

Q8. A discount of 30% on the marked price of a toy reduces its price by Rs. 30. What is the new S.P. ?
(a) Rs. 70
(b) Rs. 21
(c) Rs. 130
(d) Rs. 100

Q9. A man invested Rs. 16000 for a year in the share market with Adani group. At the end of the year, he gained 30% and he invested the amount with profit again for the second year. At the end of the second year, he suffered a loss of 32%. Find the loss in the investment after two years.
(a) loss 1966
(b) Loss 1856
(c) Loss 1765
(d) Loss 1958

Q10. A T.V was sold at a profit of 5% If it had been sold at a profit of 10%, the profit would have been Rs. 1000 more. What is its cost price?
(a) Rs. 20000
(b) Rs. 5000
(c) Rs. 10000
(d) Rs. 15000



Important Questions on Simplification by Rohit Nama Sir | SSC CGL 2019 | Super Educator

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