Previous years Mensuration Questions for SSC CGL Exams-2017

Dear Students, SSC has released the notification for CGL 2017. This time again the competition is going to be very stiff. Questions from Quant are asked in Tier-1 and Tier-II as well. Hence, you need to focus on this subject more. The only trick to master Quant is “practice‘. So, Practice daily. We are providing topic-wise quant quizzes, solve, learn, succeed.

Q1. What is the radius of a spherical ball in inches which is formed by melting a cylinder of base diameter 8 inches and height 160 inches, if the conversion wastage results in a 10% weight loss?
(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 12
(d) 16

Q3. The total area of the four walls of a room is 150 m2. If the area of the floor is 50 m2 and the width of the floor is 3 m, then find the height of the room.

(a) 2.6 m
(b) 3.8 m
(c) 5.42 m
(d) 7.32 m

Q4. Inside a triangular garden, there is a flower bed in the form of a similar triangle. Around the flower bed runs a uniform path of such a width that the sides of the garden are double of the corresponding sides of the flower bed. The areas of the path and the flower bed are in the ratio

(a) 1:1
(b) 4:1  
(c) 1:3
(d) 3:1

Q6. A cylinder of the maximum possible size is made out of a solid wooden cube. How much material is lost in this process (approx.)?

(a) 20%
(b) 22%
(c) 24%
(d) Cannot be determined

Q7. A large cube is formed from the material obtained by melting three smaller cubes of 3, 4 and 5 cm side. What is the ratio of the total surface areas of the smaller cubes and the large cube?

(a) 2:1
(b) 3:2
(c) 25:18
(d) 27:20

Q9. The height of a cone is 30 cm. A small cone is cut off at the top by a plane parallel to the base. The volume of this smaller cone is 1/27 of the given cone. What is the height of the smaller cone?

(a) 13.5 cm
(b) 11 cm
(c) 10 cm
(d) 12 cm

Q11. ABCD is a square of side 20 cm. What is the area of the least-sized square that may be inscribed in ABCD with its vertices on the sides of ABCD?

(a) 0 cm2
(b) 25 cm2
(c) 200 cm2
(d) 66.66 cm2

Q12. A spherical ball was painted black. After getting painted, it was cut into 4 similar pieces. What is ratio of the painted area to the non-painted area?

(a) 1: 1
(b) 1: 2
(c) 3: 1
(d) 3: 2

Q14. The ratio of diagonals of the two cubes is 3: 2. What is the ratio of the surface areas of these two cubes respectively?

(a) 27: 8
(b) 3: 2
(c) 9: 4
(d) 16: 9


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