Previous Year Questions of Profit & Loss for SSC CGL Tier-II 2016 Exam

Q5. A man bought orange at the rate of 8 for Rs. 34 and sold them at the rate of 12 for Rs. 57. How many oranges should be sold to earn a net profit of Rs. 45?
(a) 90
(b) 100
(c) 135
(d) 150

Q6. If a person sells a sari for Rs. 5200, making a profit of 30%, then the cost price of sari is:
(a) Rs. 4420
(b) Rs. 4000
(c) Rs. 3900
(d) Rs. 3800

Q7. Two bicycles were sold for Rs. 3990 each, gaining 5% on one and losing 5% on the other. The gain or loss percent on the whole transaction is:
(a) neither gain nor loss
(b) 2.5% gain
(c) 2.5% loss
(d) 0.25% loss

Q8. An article is sold at a loss of 10%. Had it been sold for Rs. 9 more, there would have been a gain of 25/2% on it. The C.P. of the article is:
(a) Rs. 40
(b) Rs. 45
(c) Rs. 50
(d) Rs. 35

Q9. If the S.P. of 40 articles is equal to the C.P. of 50 articles, then the loss or gain percent is:
(a) 25% loss
(b) 20% loss
(c) 25% gain
(d) 20% gain

Q10. A shopkeeper allows 23% commission on his advertised price and still makes a profit of 10%. If he gains Rs. 56 on one item. His advertised price of the item, in Rs., is:
(a) 820
(b) 780
(c) 790
(d) 800

Q11. On selling an article for Rs. 170, a shopkeeper loses 15%. In order to gain 20%, he must sell that article at rupees:
(a) 215.50
(b) 212.50
(c) 240
(d) 210

Q12. Seema purchased an item for Rs. 9600 and sold it for loss of 5 percent. From that money she purchased another item and sold it for gain of 5 percent. What is her overall gain/loss?
(a) Loss of Rs. 36
(b) Profit of Rs. 24
(c) Loss of Rs. 54
(d) None of these

Q13. A shopkeeper bought 30 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs. 45 per kg. He sold 40% of the total quantity at the rate of Rs. 50 per kg. Approximately, at what price per kg should he sell the remaining quantity to make 25 percent overall profit?
(a) Rs. 54
(b) Rs. 52
(c) Rs. 50
(d) Rs. 60

Q14. A cycle dealer offers a discount of 10% and still makes a profit of 26%. What does he pay for a cycle whose marked price is Rs. 840?
(a) Rs. 600
(b) Rs. 650
(c) Rs. 700
(d) Rs. 750

Q15. If the cost price of an item is 2/5 of its marked price and if it is sold at a discount of 10%, then there will be:
(a) 25% profit
(b) 40% profit
(c) 50% profit
(d) 125% profit


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