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Previous Year Quant Questions SSC CGL Tier-II Exam 2017

Previous Year Quant Questions SSC CGL Tier-II Exam 2017_40.1
Dear students, you know QUANT is a scoring portion and every chapter is important. So, we provide 15 miscellaneous questions of different topics of Quant. Solve all these quizzes every day so that you can improve your accuracy and speed. We also provide chapter wise QUANT QUESTIONS .so you can practise the chapter that takes more time to solve the QUESTIONS.
Q1. A boy goes to his school from his house at the speed of 6 km/hr & returns at a speed of 5 km/hr.  he takes 11 hours in going and coming, the distance between his house & school is–
(a) 30If
(b) 40
(c) 50
(d) 60
Q2. If A & B travel the same distance at the speed of 10 km/hr & 11 km/hr respectively. If A takes 48 minutes more than B, the distance travelled each is:
(a) 55 km
(b) 88 km
(c) 77 km
(d) 99 km
Q3. You arrive at your school 6 minutes late if you walk with a speed of 5 km/hr but you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time if you walk with a speed of 7 km/hr. The distance of your school from your house.
(a) 19/3 km
(b) 16/3 km
(c) 14/3 km
(d) 11/3 km

Q4. A man travelled a distance of 90 km is 9 hrs partly on foot at the rate of 9 km/hr & partly on bicycle at 18 km/hr. The distance travelled on the foot is:-
(a) 90 km
(b) 80 km
(c) 72 km
(d) 60 km
Q5. A car driver leaves Bangalore at 7.30 am and expects to reach a place 300 km from Bangalore at 11.30 am. At 9.30 am he finds that he has covered only 40% of the distance. By how much he has to increase the speed of the car is order to keep up this schedule?
(a) 80 km/hr
(b) 40 km/hr
(c) 30 km/hr
(d) 60 km/hr
Q6. A started his journey at a speed of 60 km/hr. After 45 minutes, B started from the same place but with a speed of 80 km/hr. How much time will B take to overtake A?
(a) 9/4
(b) 11/4
(c) 7/4
(d) 5/4
Q7. If a man walks at the rate of 8 km/hr, he misses the train by 10 minutes, However if he walks at the rate of 10 km/hr, he reaches the station 8 minutes before. The arrival of the train. The distance covered by him to reach the station is.
(a) 12
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 14
Q8. Walking at 3/4 of his usual speed, a man covers a distance is 2 hours more than the time he takes to cover the distance at his usual speed. The time taken by him to cover the distance with the usual speed?
(a) 6 hours
(b) 5 hours
(c) 4 hours
(d) 2 hours
Q9. A man walks from his house at an average speed of 5 km/hr and reaches his office 6 minutes late, if he walks at an average speed of 6 km/hr he reaches 2 minutes early. The distance of the office from his house is
(a) 6 km
(b) 9 km
(c) 12 km
(d) 4 km
Q10. A certain distance is covered by a cyclist at a certain speed. If a jogger covers half the distance is double the time. The ratio of the speed of the jogger to that of the cyclist is.
(a) 1 : 4
(b) 4 : 1
(c) 1 : 2
(d) 2 : 1
Q11. A cop follows a thief who is 200 meter ahead of the constable. If the constable and the thief run at the speed of 8 km/hr & 7 km/hr respectively, the constable would catch the thief in
(a) 10 min
(b) 12 min
(c) 15 min
(d) 20 min
Q12. Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at the rate of 46 km/hr. & 36 km/hr. The faster train passes the slower train is 36 seconds. The length of each train is
(a) 50 m
(b) 72 m
(c) 80 m
(d) 82 m
Q13. Point A and B are 70 km apart on a highway. A car starts from ‘A’ and another from ‘B’ at the same time. If they travel towards each other they meet in 1 hour but if they travel is the same direction, they meet is 7 hours. Find the speed of the two cars?
(a) 20, 30
(b) 40, 30
(c) 30, 50
(d) 20, 40
Q14. Two trains, A & B, start from stations X & Y towards Y and X respectively. After passing each other, they take 4 hours 48 minutes & 3 hours 20 minutes to reach Y and X respectively. If train A is moving at 45 km/hr. then the speed of the train B is.
(a) 60 km/hr
(b) 69.8 km/hr
(c) 49.5 km/hr
(d) 54 km/hr
Q15. A train leaves station A at 6 AM and reaches station B at 10 AM on the same day. Another train leaves station B at 8 AM & reaches station A at 11.30 AM on the same day. The time at which the two train cross each other is:
(a) 8:26 AM
(b) 8:36 AM
(c) 8:56 AM
(d) 8 AM
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