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Previous Year Indian Polity Questions For SSC CGL Exam 2017

 Previous Year Indian Polity Questions For SSC CGL Exam 2017_40.1
Dear Students, SSC CGL Pre 2017 Exam is scheduled tentatively in the month of AUGUST 2017. At SSC ADDA, we are providing 15 important POLITY QUESTIONS based on previous year. SSC repeats many previous years questions. Every day, we provide quizzes on all the topics of General Studies. 
Q1. Under which article of the Indian Constitution the adjudication of disputes relativity to water of inter-state rivers-valleys is done ?
(a) Article 260 
(b) Article 261
(c) Article 262 
(d) Article 263
Q2. Article 371 B of the Constitution of India makes special provision for which of the following state(s)?
(a) Maharashtra and Gujarat
(b) Assam
(c) Nagaland
(d) Manipur
Q3. The guardian of fundamental rights is
(a) Judiciary 
(b) Executive
(c) Parliament 
(d) None of above
Q4. Who of the following moved the ‘Objective Resolution’ in the Constituent Assembly?
(a) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(b) P. J.L Nehru
(c) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(d) Dr. C.D. Deshmukh
Q5. The number of official languages recognized under 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution is
(a) Sixteen
(b) Seventeen
(c) Twenty
(d) Twenty two
Q6.The first joint meeting of both the houses of the Indian parliament was held in connection with? 
(a)Dowry abolition bill
(b)Hindu code bill
(c)Gold control bill
(d)Bank nationalization bill
Q7.By which bill the Government proposes the collection of revenues for a year?
(a) Economic Bill
(b) Finance Bill
(c) Supplementary Bill
(d) None of these
Q8.In case the President wishes to resign, to whom is he to address his resignation letter?
(a) Chief Justice of India
(b) Secretary of Lok Sabha
(c) Vice President
(d) Prime Minister
Q9.Who is the first woman speaker of lok sabha ?
(a)Meera kumar
(b)sumitra mahajan
(c)sarojini Naidu
(d)smriti Irani
Q10.Under which Prime Minister were the 73rd and 74th amendment implemented?
(a) Narasimha Rao
(b) Indira Gandhi
(c) Rajiv Gandhi
(d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Q11.The provision of the sixth schedule shall not apply in which one of the following states?
(a) Meghalaya 
(b) Tripura
(c) Mizoram 
(d) Goa
Q12.Who is the first woman chief justice of supreme court?
(a)M.Fathima Beevi
(b)Leila Seth
(c)sarojini Naidu
(d)Pratibha Patil
Q13.Which article is related to eligibility of the President?
(a) Article 52 
(b) Article 58
(c) Article 55 
(d) Article 51
Q14.Ordinary bill is introduced in:
(a) Lok Sabha
(b) Rajya Sabh
(c) Bhoth A and B
(d)None of the above
Q15.Who was the first chief Minister of uttar pradesh?
(a)Govind Ballabh pant
(c)Chandra Bhanu Gupta
(d)sarojini Naidu
S1. Ans.(c)
S2. Ans.(b)
S3. Ans.(a)
S4. Ans.(b)
S5. Ans.(d)
S6. Ans.(a)
S7. Ans.(b)
S8. Ans.(c)
S9. Ans.(a)
S10. Ans.(a)
S11. Ans.(d)
S12. Ans.(a)
S13. Ans.(b)
S14. Ans.(c)
S15. Ans.(a)
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