Previous Year Indian Polity Questions For SSC CGL /MTS /CPO Exam 2017


Dear Students, SSC CGL Pre 2017 Exam is scheduled tentatively in the month of AUGUST 2017. At SSC ADDA, we are providing Polity Quiz of 15 important last year question. GS questions are also asked in SSC CPO and MTS Exam. SSC repeats many previous years questions. Every day, we provide quizzes on all the topics of General Studies. We have also provided study notes on GS topics. 

Q1. A Panchayat Samiti at the block level is 
(a) An advisory body
(b) An administrative authority
(c) A Consultant Committee
(d) A supervisory authority

Q2. Generally who are the members of the Gram Sabha?
(a) All the heads of families of the respective villages
(b) All the voters in the respective villages
(c) All adult male in the villages
(d) Nominated members

Q3. In the three-tier Panchayati Raj structure, the Block is
(a) The lowest structure
(b) The intermediary structure
(c) The highest structure
(d) None of these

Q4. In which part of the Constitution is the state enjoined to establish Panchayati Raj Institutions?
(a) Preamble
(b) Directive Principles
(c) Fundamental Rights 
(d) Seventh Schedule

Q5. Which of the following High Courts has the largest number of Benches?
(a) Kolkata High Court
(b) Madhya Pradesh High Court
(c) Bombay High Court
(d) Guwahati High Court

Q6. Panchayati Raj has received constitutional status with the __________ Amendment Act.
(a) 72nd 
(b) 73rd
(c) 74th
(d) 75th

Q7. Panchayati Raj is
(a) The functioning of village republics in democracy
(b) The self-government of the villagers in India
(c) A complex system of rural local government
(d) A hierarchical set-up for rural administration

Q8. The function not performed by the village Panchayat is 
(a) Promotion of cottage industries
(b) Settlement of minor disputes
(c) Preparation of the plans for the development of the area
(d) Looking after the welfare of the backward classes

Q9. Which of the following articles of Indian Constitution empowers the Governor to issue ordinances during recess of the state legislature?
(a) Article 210 
(b) Article 211
(c) Article 213 
(d) Article 214

Q10. Which of the following is not one of the sources of revenue of Village Panchayats?
(a) Government grants
(b) House tax
(c) Income tax
(d) Local taxes on land

Q11. Who has representation in the Zila Parishad?
(a) Women
(b) Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes
(c) Representatives of co-operative societies
(d) All the above

Q12. A college student desires to get elected to the Municipal Council of his city. The validity of his nomination would depend on the important condition, among others, that
(a) He obtains permission from the Principal of his college
(b) He is a member of a political party
(c) His name figures in the Voter’s List
(d) He files a declaration owing allegiance to the Constitution of India

Q13. Who among the following introduced local self-government in India?
(a) Lord Mountbatten
(b) Lord Ripon
(c) Lord Canning
(d) Lord Macaulay

Q14. The first Public Service Commission was set up in India in
(a) 1926
(b) 1935
(c) 1947
(d) 1950

Q15. A Finance Commission is appointed by the President to recommend the division of certain sources of revenue between the centre and the states every
(a) 3 years
(b) 10 years
(c) 5 years
(d) 2 years

Since, SSC MTS Exam will begin on 30th april, You all need to understand the exam pattern and trick, approach to crack MTS exam, 

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