Previous Year History Questions for SSC CGL 2017,

SSC repeats many previous years questions. Every day, we provide quizzes on all the topics of History. SSC CGL Pre 2017 Exam is scheduled tentatively in the month of AUGUST 2017. At SSC ADDA, we are providing History Quiz of 15 important last year question. Only 2 months are left for exams, boost up your preparation with us.
Q1. Who translated Ramayana into Persian?
(a) Abul Fazl
(b) Badauni
(c) Abdul Latif
(d) Isar Das
Q2. The first muslim women who ruled Northern India was
(a) Razia Sultana
(b) Mumtaz
(c) Nurjahan
(d) None of the above
Q3. Who was the Guru of Kabir?
(a) Ramanuja
(b) Ramananda
(c) Vallabhacharya
(d) Namadeva
Q4. Coronation of Shivaji took place in
(a) 1627 A.D.
(b) 1674 A.D.
(c) 1680 A.D.
(d) 1670 A.D.
Q5. The Upanishads were translated by Dara Shikoh in Persian under the title of
(a) Mayma-ul-Bahrain
(b) Sirr-i-Akbar
(c) Al-Fihrist
(d) Kitabul Bayan
Q6. 6th century B.C. was an age of 
(a) Reasoning
(b) Intellectual awakening
(c) Political unrest
(d) Religious ferment
Q7. Name the Greek Ambassador at the Mauryan Court.
(a) Alexander
(b) Megasthanese
(c) Plato
(d) Aristotle
Q8. Who compiled the tales of “The Panchatantra”?
(a) Valmiki
(b) VedaVyasa
(c) Vishnu Sharma
(d) Tulsidas
Q9. The word ‘Buddha’ means
(a) A Conqueror
(b) A Liberator
(c) A Enlibhtened one
(d) A Wanderer
Q10. Who was the greatest ruler of the Satavahanas?
(a) Satkami I
(b) Gautamiputra Satkarni
(c) Simuka
(d) Hala
Q11. Which of the following dynasty succeeded the Mauryas?
(a) Satavahanas
(b) Sungas
(c) Yavanas
(d) Pandya
Q12. King Kharvela was the greatest ruler of the Chedi Dynasty of
(a) Cholamandalam
(b) Kalinga
(c) Kannauj
(d) Purushpur
Q13. The Uttaramerur inscription provides information on the administration of the
(a) Chalukyas
(b) Satavahanas
(c) Pallavas
(d) Cholas
Q14. Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha together are known as
(a) Triratna
(b) Trivarga
(c) Trisarga
(d) Trimurti
Q15. During the reign of which Pallava ruler began the long drawn struggle between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas?
(a) Mahendravarman I
(b) Simhavishnu
(c) Narasimhavarman I
(d) Mahendravarman II
S1. Ans.(b)
S2. Ans.(a)
S3. Ans.(b)
S4. Ans.(b)
S5. Ans.(b)
S6. Ans.(d)
S7. Ans.(b)
S8. Ans.(c)
S9. Ans.(c)
S10. Ans.(b)
S11. Ans.(b)
S12. Ans.(b)
S13. Ans.(d)
S14. Ans.(a)
S15. Ans.(a)
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