Previous Year History Questions for SSC CGL 2017

History Questions for SSC CGL 2017
Dear Students, SSC CGL Pre 2017 Exam is scheduled tentatively in the month of AUGUST 2017. At SSC ADDA, we are providing History Quiz of 15 important last year question.

Q1. Krishnadevaraya maintained friendly relations with the 
(a) French 
(b) British 
(c) Portuguese 
(d) Dutch 

Q2. The guerilla warfare was pioneered by 
(a) Aurangzeb 
(b) Akbar 
(c) Shivaji 
(d) Balaji Rao 

Q3. The greatness of Sher Shah lies in his 
(a) victories against Humayun 
(b) superior generalship 
(c) administrative reforms 
(d) religious tolerance 

Q4. The capital of the Bahmani kings was 
(a) Gulbarga 
(b) Bijapur 
(c) Belgaum 
(d) Raichur 

Q5. Where did the traveller Ibn Batuta come from? 
(a) Morocco 
(b) Persia 
(c) Turkey 
(d) Central Asia 

Q6. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought between 
(a) Akbar and Hemu 
(b) Rajputs and Mughals 
(c) Babur and Ibrahim Lodi 
(d) Sikander and Adilshah 

Q7. Shahjahan built the Moti Masjid at 
(a) Delhi 
(b) Jaipur 
(c) Agra 
(d) Amarkot 

Q8. Muhammad-bin-Qasim conquered Sind in the year 
(a) AD 712 
(b) AD 812 
(c) AD 912 
(d) AD 1012 

Q9. Who was the architect who designed ‘Taj Mahal’?
(a) Muhammad Hussain 
(b) Ustad-Isa 
(c) Shah Abbas 
(d) Ismail 

Q10. Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak? 
(a) Gurdaspur 
(b) Amritsar 
(c) Lahore 
(d) Talwandi 

Q11. Ibn Batuta visited India during the reign of 
(a) Iltutmish 
(b) Alauddin Khilji 
(c) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq 
(d) Balban 

Q12. Which one is not situated at Fatehpur Sikri? 
(a) The Panch Mahal 
(b) Moti Masjid 
(c) Tomb of Salim Chishti 
(d) The Mariam Palace 

Q13. A renowned Jain scholar who was greatly honoured by Akbar was  
(a) Hemachandra 
(b) Harivijaya 
(c) Vastupala 
(d) Bhadrabahu 

Q14. Which battle did open the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori?
(a) First Battle of Tarain 
(b) Second Battle of Tarain 
(c) Battle of Khanwa 
(d) First Battle of Panipat 

Q15. Where did Babar die? 
(a) Agra 
(b) Kabul 
(c) Lahore 
(d) Delhi 


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