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Previous Year History Questions for SSC Stenographer & IB (ACIO) 2017

Previous Year History Questions for SSC Stenographer & IB (ACIO) 2017_40.1
Here , we are providing different questions from History for SSC Stenographer Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’ Exam 2017 and IB (ACIO). This post contains 15 Questions from History that will  help you score good marks in the final exam.

Q1. Where did English open their first factory in the south in 1611?
(a) Madras
(b) Tiruchirappalli
(c) Machilipatnam
(d) Pulicat

Q2. Who was the founder of the French East India Company?
(a) Colbert
(b) De La Haye
(c) Duplex
(d) Dumas

Q3. Which one of the following king gave permission to east india company to build a factory at Surat?
(a) Jahangir
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Farrukhsiyar
(d) Bahadur Shah II

Q4. Who among the following issued the founding charter of the east india company? 
(a) Henry VIII
(b) Elizabeth I
(c) James I
(d) Charles I

Q5. Who was the founder of Khalsa Panth?
(a) Guru Nanak
(b) Guru Arjun Dev
(c) Guru Gobind Singh
(d) Guru Tegh Bahadur

Q6. Name the English Governor General in India at the time of the First Burmese war?
(a) Lord Amherst
(b) Lord Wellesley
(c) Lord Hastings
(d) Lord Cornwallis

Q7. Against whom did the English fought the fierce battle of Donaben?
(a) Nepal
(b) Tibet
(c) Burma
(d) Bhutan

Q8. British Parliament passed the Regulating Act to reform the East India administration in the year? 
(a) 1773
(b) 1775
(c) 1853
(d) 1855

Q9. Sir John Shore’s policy in India is described as?
(a) Active Interference
(b) Aggressive Friendship
(c) Policy of appeasement
(d) Non Interference

Q10. Which court was considered as the highest court of appeal in India for trying criminal cases during the East India Company rule?
(a) Circuit Court
(b) Provincial Court
(c) Sadar Diwani Adalat
(d) Sadar Nizamat Adalat

Q11. The writer of ” Indian war of independence, 1857″ is-
(a) S.N Sen
(b) R.C Majumdar
(c) V.D Savarkar
(d) S.B Chaudhary

Q12. Lord Macaulay was associated with ?                      
(a) Army Reforms
(b) Aboilition of Sati System
(c) Legal Codification
(d) Permanent Settlement

Q13. Who had given the title of “Mahatma” to Gandhiji? 
(a) B.G Tilak
(b) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(c) Moti Lala Nehru
(d) Rabindra Nath Tagore

Q14. Who was the English General that defeated Count De Lally in the Battle of Wandiwash?
(a) Sir Eyre Coot
(b) Sir Hugh Rose
(c) Major General Haelock
(d) Brigadier General Neill

Q15. Which of the following pair is incorrect with respect to Revolt of 1857?
(a) Rani Laxmi Bai – Jhansi
(b) Nana Saheb – Kanpur
(c) Hazrat Mahal – Lucknow
(d) Kunwar Singh – Meerut

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